Check out our list of Email management software that integrates with SharePoint (and/or Office 365) into your favourite email clients such as Outlook. The tools in this category offer features such as the ability to automatically attach a SharePoint document without leaving the client. Some also offer the ability to automatically store your emails into a SharePoint document library. If you haven't got an e-mail solution for SharePoint, these are well worthy of a look!

Save directly to SharePoint, Office 365 and One Drive for Business from Outlook with Macroview Message. MacroView understands how business users like to work and successfully bridges the gap between Outlook and SharePoint allowing users to take advantage of the email management functionality of SharePoint directly from Outlook. This increases user satisfaction and adoption rates.

PageLight offers the ability to not only connect Outlook to SharePoint but also Windows Explorer. It also supports integration with OneDrive for Business as well as Office 365. This is a nice Outlook companion if you are builing out a Records management solution and want to store your emails into SharePoint.

Manage your emails in SharePoint

SLIM Companion™ Email Manager is a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) App that increases user productivity and provides unique functionality to simplify your work.

The key features are:

  • extends the standard SharePoint modern view
  • fast viewing of emails in the browser
  • view email attachments (Office, pdf, jpg, …) in the browser
  • efficient navigation between large number of emails
  • automatically extract email metadata (To, From, Subject, …) during uploading
  • generate unique email names by combining email metadata fields like subject + sent date
  • tag emails for further processing
  • attach SharePoint document(s) to a new email
  • support for large lists
  • support for views and filters / sort order used in the originating SharePoint page
  • support for multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Save & classify emails right from Outlook 365 to SharePoint & Teams

Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 is ideal for mid- to enterprise-size businesses using SharePoint Online in industries with regulatory or policy compliance requirements. The SharePoint add-on lets you capture and auto-classify emails and attachments right from Outlook to SharePoint and Teams. The product automatically extracts metadata, enables seamless collaboration and content sharing, and ensures your users can quickly find information they’re looking for.

CollabMail is one of the newer products to the Putlook and SharePoint integration, but is still on a par with others in tihs category. If you want to attach SharePoint documents to your emails then CollabMail can really help. This stops the problem of having out of date attachments so you can be sure that the receiving user gets the version you need them to.

Upload documents, email attachments, and email messages to SharePoint / Office 365 and OneDrive for Business. Full-featured support for SharePoint means users can accurately categorize documents and emails. Users are prompted to supply required metadata before checking in documents and emails.

Save emails and attachments to SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive with a few clicks.

This brand new Outlook Add-In uses the newest technology and Office 365 user interface to make users work efficient with email and documents from and to Outlook on any device and any platform.

A free, full feature version is available for all organizations with up to 5 user.

Allows you to integrate Outlook, SharePoint and Office 365. Mail2Share allows you store (via drag and drop) your emails into SharePoint document libraries. As with other SharePoint mail tools in this category it also allows you browse you SharePoint libraries and folders.

As with and Colligo, this tool does a great job of bringing SharePoint to Microsoft Outlook. OnePlaceMail allows your staff to work in Outlook by providing a SharePoint browser on the left hand side of outlook. You can also attach files from SharePoint document libraries directly into your email. This is a massive time saver if you send a lot of email that relies on SharePoint assets.

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