Looking for a great SharePoint Intranet Solutions ('Intranet In a Box') either for on-premises or online? The solutions listed here offer turnkey solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and online. The Intranet templates listed here offer a range of features including company news, mobile access, multi-lingual, forms, people directory, social collaboration and much more.

The word intranet gets a whole new dimension. Double the impact of your intranet with Debble Workplace. We take care of the technology so you can focus on the most important thing; your business.

An Office 365 & SharePoint Employee Self Service Portal gives users a friendly, familiar, and intuitive interface to generate requests. Users can create requests and check statuses from any device.

365Appz is ready to use a complete package of reusable components built for SharePoint-On Premise and Office 365 at minimal cost that accelerates your need for speedier implementation of SharePoint portals with minimal coding.

Bonzai Intranet is your digital workplace for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. As the market-leading Intranet Solution provider for SharePoint, the team at Bonzai ensures fast, simple and effective implementation at a fraction of the cost of custom-built SharePoint solutions.

LS Intranet is a digital workplace, where employees can easily communicate and collaborate with each other. It’s your own corporate intranet that facilitates multiple employees collaborating on projects, and working in synergy. It’s a great opportunity to pull your people together and develop those cohesive relationships.

The “skybow Solution Studio” is the central tool for implementing business solutions through configuration based on “skybow Solution Accelerators”. This core element is also the secret to how our partners and clients are so much faster than other programmers when it comes to implementing SharePoint solutions. With “Configure”, we mean “Click”. SharePoint can be expanded upon in “no time” with most of the business logic settings with just a mouse click.

Gimmal Intranet & Portals combines self-service features with centralized control and built-in governance.

Content Formula is a modern workplace consultancy specialised in Office 365, SharePoint and Teams. We build intranets, extranets, automation tools and collaboration systems. We offer an end-to-end service covering discovery, digital workplace strategy, specification, user experience, development, migration, adoption services and training. They also offer managed support services.
We are resellers of Wizdom by LiveTiles intranet, LMS365 and Nintex solutions.

Injio is a ready-to-go intranet that can be deployed cost-effectively in weeks.  Injio’s responsive UX interface with choice of designs will reflect your branding and your choice of modules and functionality. Completely on your environment, it’s tailor made for you, leveraging Sharepoint functionality with no product restrictions.  Injio continues to grow with new features and enhancements making sure your digital workplace stays current, and you even get a say in which updates and modules are developed.

Dock 365 comes with a jam-packed host of features out of the box. With a little collaboration between your team and ours, we customize Dock to be exactly the company intranet software that you need. With Dock, your home page will be designed to flow with your brand standards and organized by your business needs.
This is where every employee starts their day to access important news, alerts, and information. Employee’s birthdays and anniversaries, new hire information is highlighted. Employees can find out what is the next interesting event in the company.

Organize everything – Engage everyone – Embrace mobility With Our Ready-To-Go Managed Intranet Portal Solution

Unily Hub is Brightstar's feature-full digital workplace solution. It is an intranet-as-a-service offering that utilizes the very best of Microsoft enterprise technology, including Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer and Azure to deliver a seamless, single intranet experience.

Intranetbee is the world’s No.1 innovative intranet platform that works with Microsoft teams, SharePoint, Office365, and Microsoft Viva. Intranetbee is the first company to build an Intranet for Microsoft teams using Viva connections from Microsoft. Intranetbee has the world’s advanced intranet builder and content management meaning that you can build an intranet within 1 hour. Intranetbee has features like Policy and procedure, Leave management, Community, HR and Marketing, and Help desk. Our business process automation tools such as project management, employee arrival, business apps, business charts, meeting room management, event management, tickets now, forms, and advanced document management systems are usable immediately upon deployment.

Traditional SharePoint intranets take lots of development time, and in turn, more budget. With Intranet, we’ve reduced development time, so you can afford the intranet you need.

Elastic Intranet is a completely new approach in building a company’s intranet, simple to install and use set of tools composed in a ready-to-go SharePoint intranet in SaaS and on-premise model, which fills the gap between SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features and companies needs.

Qorus helps organizations create business critical documents accurately and efficiently. From pitches and proposals, to contracts, statements of work and RFP responses. Our document productivity solutions are incredibly powerful, but they plug right into Microsoft Office, making them intuitive and easy to use.

With an intranet-in-a-box solution, like Valo Intranet, you get all those missing intranet features, usability improvements, and best practices immediately to your end users. Valo Intranet is based on SharePoint, but it doesn’t look like SharePoint at all. It has a beautiful user experience and the look & feel is fitted to your branding guidelines.

SP Self-Service Intranet takes the basic SharePoint Communications site to the next level by adding function and features that transform it from a basic News site to a Employee Self-Service Hub. SP Self-Service Intranet turns your SharePoint Communications intranet into a employee Self-Service Portal Structure that drives self-service by adding a common way for employees to access News and Information, Resources (Documents, Media, etc), Internal Services, and Employee Facing Processes.

Involv, launched in 2017 by the Belgian company Cognit, is an attractively-priced Office 365 intranet product that makes full use of Microsoft’s modern communication sites and Office 365 apps. It packs all the basic features that you would expect in an intranet and presents them in a consistent, visually appealing design.

BizPortals Solutions was originated from the pain points that small and mid-sized businesses are often challenged with and its journey is all about helping businesses grow and improve the way they work.

Power up your SharePoint Dashboards with our awesome list and column formatting templates! Set up charts, indicators, color formatting and icons using simple copy and paste. Try out our free templates to get started today!

Important Updates displays your critical notifications, alerts, and any other important messages, news, and content you wish to display on your portal.
Content authors can easily add updates, define start and end dates (to determine when the message should appear and expire), and customize the message background and font colors.

The ROOT SharePoint intranet portal centralizes access to important company information and apps right in Office 365. Ready-built, packed with features, and easily configurable, your company will engage employees, facilitate communication, foster collaboration, streamline processes, and organize your knowledge-base for quick, lasting productivity gains. Easily deployed and administered, ROOT intranet eliminates the complexity, cost and risk of a custom-built solution to bring immediate business value to your organization.

With the help of our SharePoint experts and cloud ready SharePoint solution accelerators (Intranet, Innovation, Department, Knowledge forum, service request or Migration Assistant), we help you in meeting your strategic objectives to drive better ROI.

The Qualitem Publisher for SharePoint® is a flexible Web Content Management (WCM) platform that supports the creation and management of web content, site navigation, and look and feel.

Wizdom not only offers you full SharePoint and Office 365 functionality in a ready to use intranet solution in conformity with best practices. It also provides you with an extensive list of tools and features designed by the Wizdom team to help you communicate, collaborate and work more effectively.

IntraActive Intranet is an award winning customizable standard intranet solution for SharePoint and Office 365. IntraActive Intranet contains many ready-to-use standard apps that make it easy for you to create and develop a modern digital workplace for knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication.

Mercury, the ready-to-go Intranet solution, built to Microsoft Best Practice allows your business to reap the benefits that an Intranet brings at a fraction of the time and cost.

Mozzaik365 is a pre-packaged solution with tailored and adapted services and allows you to have a rich and complete Intranet solution, to implement easily collaborative team sites and to benefit from Office 365 help center while facilitating user adoption.

The Saketa Intranet Suite is the perfect solution for an organization to achieve its digital transformation goals. Built on Microsoft’s latest (SPFx) framework, our unique offering for SharePoint and O365 includes up to 25 engaging widgets, various layouts and designs, to cater a group of customers with varied branding specifications, and everything else needed to setup an impressive, responsive, easy to manage Intranet in a matter of minutes without any development effort from the customer.

With our market-leading Hadron 8020, you get an individual intranet, but faster and less expensively than building it from scratch. Ans, you save on in-house resources too. There’s everything you’d expect from SharePoint and Office365 (available on Azure, Hybrid Cloud, online and on premise) – plus much more in the deep information architecture we’ve spent years developing.

Looking for a customizable digital workplace that is deployed in less than 1 month for your employees? With Powell 365, it’s possible!
Powell 365 is an innovative digital workplace for Office 365 and SharePoint that transforms the user experience and boosts communication, collaboration and business productivity.

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