Microsoft SharePoint is a web platform and hence is recommended by lot of SharePoint development experts including myself. It has the ability to change as and when the product changes. It evolves in a more established way along with office 365. It can be conveniently accessible across the organization making it perfectly amazing, and especially in the year 2015, the BYOD (Bring Your Own device) concept would add much more glamor to it.

People who have been using Macs, Chrome and other computers – windows based or not – should realize that mobility available with SharePoint is far more advanced as the apps that come with it help you further about using SharePoint.

Enlisted are some of the common challenges that businesses face when it comes to Microsoft SharePoint:

  • Absorbing adequate knowledge from day to day activities
  • Collective efficiencies and accountability
  • Convert your data bank/database into Knowledge repository
  • Join forces in an effective manner
  • Prompt yet informed decision making process
  • Strategic plans to align premeditated duties and operational inconsistencies

Apart from this common for all business challenges; there are departmental priorities as well:




Attracting new & retaining onboard talent Cost effectiveness


Connecting people across boundaries and geographies Integration and compatibility


Enhanced productivity and innovation Manageability & Scalability


Retaining and accessing knowledge Extensibility with Security and compliance

SharePoint development service providers can now extend improved customization and cater to the client’s needs for better portal sites. Microsoft SharePoint is now evolving, and enables a richer experience with business process implementation, seamless collaboration, improved content management, higher levels of integration and hence extensibility. This means there will be better websites and applications and better website branding, and hence for those who work on SharePoint server, it’s time to rejoice.

Why all this hype about SharePoint, What does SharePoint have in store and what are these marked business benefits that SharePoint promises? Here we explain a few!!

  1. Higher productivity: Microsoft SharePoint content management helps you plan better web content management to enhance productivity. SharePoint lets you manage content and documents by allowing you to combine documents and mix schedules via proper communication channels and, get access to timely notifications and important announcements. It also allows designing new templates in order to develop wikis and blogs.
  2. Better Document management: With Microsoft SharePoint, document management becomes easy. SharePoint offers the best data management features where it is possible to use document checkout and make approvals while editing. It allows you to create, upgrade, move, rename, backup and restore documents and allows such perfect security that ensures that there is no information leakage.
  3. User Friendly websites and apps: SharePoint allows an intuitive and a user friendly interface and makes it easy to navigate through menus. It also allows you to streamline navigation across the different websites of different teams. Combined with other productivity tools, like Microsoft Office package it can be used to allow users create their own customized workspaces.
  4. Customization according to business needs: Not only is it easy to customize your own work spaces with the help of SharePoint developers, but also get a highly customized interface and also avail SharePoint application development for certain tasks and business processes. Businesses can easily manage certain tasks and can also tune the deployment settings as per business requirements.
  5. Aligning office applications with business goals: Integrated with Microsoft office package, Microsoft SharePoint can enhance the usage of various applications easily.

The new version offers a great deal of features and benefits, so what will be the implications of this new and improved SharePoint.

Firstly it is the best thing to happen to those who have already invested in SharePoint. They now have a newer and a better version. These businesses can rejoice because they do not have to worry about the cost – that is the primary concern when adopting and implementing a new system or solution, as they just have to update the version. If not, now as SharePoint gets better, you can definitely migrate to the platform and enjoy the improved environment and the benefits it promises. Secondly if you have partnered with the best SharePoint development experts in the industry, then they can now build better websites and applications for you and deliver better website branding solutions. This includes creating custom themes, site definitions, templates etc. Besides, together SharePoint and enterprise content management can provide extremely powerful and scalable solutions that will help your business achieve new heights.

One thing I would like to say in the end is that, the only thing that makes SharePoint such a powerful tool is that it does not have the dependability across functions and features that it offers out of the box. SharePoint implementations can be customized conveniently, that can align any of the business aspects you can think of.

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