Following on from yesterday’s post about Power BI dynamic titles this next post is to navigate to the filtered page using bookmarks and buttons to show a page filtered differently. The report used in this example is based on ice cream sales of different flavours. We will create a bookmark for each flavour and buttons to navigate to the page with the filter applied.

Creating Bookmarks

  1. I start by adding a page filter to the report page of the ice cream flavour.
  2. I filter the report to the first flavour.Page Filter
  3. Then from the View ribbon tab, I select Bookmarks Pane.
  4. I click add to create a bookmark.
    I double click on the bookmark name to edit the name.
  5. Change the filter and save new bookmarks for each filter.Adding more bookmarks

Adding Buttons

add button

Buttons allow a user of the report to select a bookmark easily from the same page or another page. This improves the report navigation and helps people use the reports.

  1. On a page, from the home ribbon, I select Buttons and click on Bookmark
  2. With the button selected, in visualisation format, I turn on the button text and enter in a flavour.
  3. Further down the format, I expand the Action section.
    I change the Type to Bookmark and change the Bookmark to select the relevant bookmark.

    Change the button action

  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each flavour required.

Using Pictures

Pictures can be added from the Home ribbon. One of the properties in the format section of a picture is Action. This means pictures can be used for navigating around the Power BI report.

Picture Action

Complete the Navigation Trip

Once a user has navigated to the filtered report and now wishes to see a different filter they need to be able to navigate back to the initial page. So create a bookmark on the button menu page and then on the report page add a picture or button to navigate back to the menu page.


Bookmarks are a great addition to Power BI reports allowing users of a report to navigate the report. One useful bookmark to add to any report that uses multiple slicers is a bookmark that has all the filters cleared to be a reset button.

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