Tired of spending hours debugging?

As Power Apps developers, we see issues in our apps all of the time. No matter how good our developing skills are, there is no shying away from problems that our users will experience. Anything from device-specific problems where something we’ve built might not work as expected on a mobile device, to data not being submitted to our data source. Unlike Power Automate, which has a much more intuitive debugging tool such as run history where we can see a controlled linear view of a flow, we are not given such ease of access to debugging in Power Apps.

Of course, we can often see those red squiggly lines when our formula doesn’t work or a value is entered incorrectly into our formula bar but this won’t help when it comes to real-time debugging.

Power Apps Monitor

Did you know you can monitor your Power Apps actions in real-time? Using the monitor tool against your Power App, you can! You’ll be able to connect users up to your app and monitor the dashboard (very useful for debugging on a personal level) and see exactly what is happening when they perform certain actions with the app. This can be anything from recording when a user clicks a button, to any of the subsequent actions that take place after that happens.

You’ll be able to monitor events such as network calls to a data source that your app is using, see variables that are being used and set and see load times for events that are happening. I highly recommend exploring the Monitor extension to your Power App!

About the author 

Connor Deasey (Collab365)