What is Adobe Color

Adobe Color is a free tool that expands on Adobe’s Creative Cloud. For the designer, web developer or app maker, it’s a perfect tool for producing eye-catching themes and colour palettes for your projects. More specifically in my use case – Power Apps design. Adobe Colour uses simple algorithms to produce accurate colour palettes based on shades, triads and complimentary harmony rules. To put simply, it will use math to determine which colours match dependant on a standard artistic colour wheel of 255 trillion colours.

Why do you need Adobe Color

As a citizen developer building Power Apps in Microsoft’s Power Platform, you’re most likely building intuitive apps making use of all the incredible functionality that Power Apps has to offer. However, you may have played with the theme options inside Power Apps (which I think we can agree are ugly) or maybe you have made your own. It’s highly likely that you would have looked at your colour scheme and thought “Something is not quite right!”. This could be colours being too vibrant, or the shades you have chosen look ‘off’ or maybe you cant find 2 different colours that compliment each other well.

I highly recommend trying https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel for your next project.

About the author 

Connor Deasey (Collab365)