Our list of SharePoint migration tools allowing you to migrate data, sites and documents from on-premises to hybrid or online. The tools listed in this category are generally packed full of features and be sure to check out our comparison matrix on the SharePoint communuity.

Proventeq provides industry-leading information management technologies enabling organisations to accelerate growth, work smarter and improve digital experiences.

Our flagship solutions, the Migration Accelerator, enables smooth and error-free migration from your existing platform to a modern enterprise content management system.

An ideal SharePoint migration tool for simple, quick, and error-free migration of site content, workflows and managed metadata.

SharePoint Content Migration

  • Migrate SharePoint objects
  • Migrate to a new or existing site
  • Migrate with flexible options
  • Upload documents to SharePoint site
  • Export data from SharePoint

SharePoint Workflows Migration

  • Configure workflows automatically
  • Migrate SharePoint Designer workflows with custom activities
  • Migrate multiple workflows
  • Import workflow to and export it from file

migration-center is not only a product but rather a content migration platform for complex migration scenarios, designed to help customers reduce costs, manage risks, increase productivity, and speed up the golive of enterprise content management (ECM) applications. It carries out highly automated, large volume migrations without system downtime, 100 % out-of-the-box, fully documented, easy to deploy, and without additional programming or scripting effort.

Microsoft SharePoint migration is right here from File System, Lotus Notes, Exchange public folder, Outlook, SharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2010. Migrate file share to SharePoint online for BPOS & Office 365 migration by SharePoint Migrator software.

A powerful application to export document / picture library contents and associated metadata and list items, including associated file attachments to the Windows File System. Export SharePoint libraries, folders, documents, list items, version histories, metadata and permissions to the desired destination location in the Windows File System.

Saketa SharePoint Migrator is a point-and-click SharePoint migration tool built by SharePoint experts with Microsoft Center-of-Excellence as practice.

It is a next-generation SharePoint migrator which acts as the one-stop solution to address all your SharePoint migration challenges. With this:

  • Seamlessly migrate and manage from older versions of SharePoint (SP 2007, 2010, 2013) to SharePoint 2016, Office 365 (SharePoint online) or in a hybrid environment.
  • Migrate from any public folders (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Lotus Notes etc.) or file servers to SharePoint 2016, Office 365 (SharePoint online) or in a hybrid environment.

A migration tool that supports migration to Office 365, SharePoint 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2001 and OneDrive for Business. Dockit Migrator can handle variety of migration scenarios – both simple and complex, with its rich and powerful feature set.

Content Formula is a modern workplace consultancy specialised in Office 365, SharePoint and Teams. We build intranets, extranets, automation tools and collaboration systems. We offer an end-to-end service covering discovery, digital workplace strategy, specification, user experience, development, migration, adoption services and training. They also offer managed support services.
We are resellers of Wizdom by LiveTiles intranet, LMS365 and Nintex solutions.

Tzunami Deployer is the leading SharePoint Migration Tool. As a user-friendly, stand-alone application, Tzunami Deployer is a multi-source tool that handles all your enterprise migration requirements. Developed over years of experience, the Tzunami Deployer Family of Products is designed to respond to all SharePoint migration requirements.

It is a low-cost migration and management solution that saves time and easily migrates content to advanced SharePoint 2019 (Sharepoint 2019 migration), SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online products and technologies. Using Tzunami Deployer, you can easily upgrade SharePoint and migrate to Office 365.

Supporting the rapid creation of SharePoint server structures, our solution effortlessly transfers data from older Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Automating the entire process of migrating unstructured content, Tzunami Deployer offers a user-friendly solution to real-world business challenges.

Movebot automated cloud migration is the simplest, fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to migrate and transfer users, data and content between clouds.

Regardless if you are migrating from on-premise to SharePoint or OneDrive, or if you are migrating from another cloud. Movebot has you covered with a self service migration tool that is simple and user friendly.

Movebot supports; permissions, metadata, shared drives, users and teams as well as reporting and analysis.

Forget creating staging environments. Forget staged migrations. Plan your direct migration according to your needs and timetables with DocAve Migrator.

Easily inventory, plan, schedule, and migrate from more than 14 legacy sources to SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2013, and Office 365 – SharePoint Online.

Office 365 & SharePoint Management made simple. Use Sharegate to visualize your SharePoint architecture, manage your security & permissions, and much more!

DMS-Shuttle is a tool for Content Migration for SharePoint. Intuitive user Interface allows to transfer folder structures between SharePoint and file shares by using drag & drop or copy & paste shortcuts. Bulk Operations for check-in or update document properties save user a lot of time.

Layer2 Solutions is one of the leading providers of apps for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure with a major focus on Data Integration, File and Document Synchronization and Cloud Computing.

You will find solutions for General Data Integration, Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online Data Synchronization, File Migration, Backup, and Document Synchronization below. SharePoint Server 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2022 Subscription Edition on-premises is also supported.

Plan. Migrate. Manage. The Most Powerful Tool for SharePoint and Office 365 Migration and Management.

The CASAHL DART Product Suite guides organizations through the process of upgrading to new collaboration/content platforms. It has evolved into a comprehensive solution, from pre-migration planning to post-migration follow up, over the course of thousands of enterprise collaboration/content transitions CASAHL has carried out. The DART suite supports the four phases of any migration or transition project.

Vyapin's DocKIT Migrator is a fast and efficient SharePoint Migration tool to migrate your content repositories from File Shares, older versions of SharePoint, legacy Document Management systems and other third-party Content repository solutions. The enterprise-grade, feature rich, user-friendly migration software for SharePoint and Office 365 takes care of the most daunting challenges faced during complex SharePoint migration projects.

Seascape for Notes helps you migrate IBM Lotus Notes content to Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365. Plus, the tool exports Lotus Notes databases as stand-alone PDF/XML/JSON archives, retaining documents, views, links, and metadata.

Going digital is a real challenge when your content is locked away in legacy systems. But with Box Shuttle, it's simple to migrate to the cloud. Our leading technology enables you to move content from anywhere and ditch legacy infrastructure like file shares, in some cases for free. Plus, Box Consulting provides both migration tool training and processes proven to drive adoption. We've helped our customers move petabytes of content from outdated tools. Let's migrate yours next.

Automated migration from Confluence (on premise and online) to SharePoint (on premise and online). Enterprise Bridge® is an essential part of the efficient SharePoint® deployment strategy for organizations of any structure and size. Enterprise Bridge® dramatically reduces the effort and time for migration to SharePoint®, eliminates migration errors and ensures that the entire corporate digital archive is seamlessly moved to new digital platform. Enterprise Bridge supports Confluence on premise servers and Confluence online, SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online. It transfers text, images, tables, wiki pages, documents, files, videos etc. Owners and contributors of the spaces are automatically assigned to respective SharePoint principals after migration. Created and modified dates of the spaces and attachments remain the same after migration. Labels and tags on each page are converted into SharePoint enterprise keywords. The tool supports multi-factor authentication.

The task of moving files in SharePoint from one SharePoint version is now perform easily with our brilliantly developed multifarious solution named as SharePoint Organiser. Our versatile tool enables its user to move SharePoint data to another, Office 365 to SharePoint and Office 365 to Office 365.

The software provides an accomplished solution to the users to manage on-premises SharePoint and online SharePoint sites, wikis, libraries etc with excellent mapping options available. The simplified interface of the tool helps users to quickly attain precise conversion results of moving files in SharePoint for existing version.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint is all-in-one solution to migrate SharePoint data, including site collections, list & libraries, workflows, versions, and metadata. It supports multiple source and destination like SharePoint, Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft Teams and Public folders.

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