Jeff Fried

Search underlies a whole range of applications in the enterprise, and the successful pattern of multiple focused apps found in consumer search can also apply to enterprise search. This session highlights a set of applications built on top of the Office Graph – Microsoft’s cloud-based graph search offering, which is built into Office 365.

You will learn :

  1. How to work with queries and the office graph: entities and edges, the new GQL2 query syntax, building up query strings, using advanced query features, and techniques for capturing and using user context
  2. How to extend the office graph using the Common Knowledge Model: normalizing and connecting data and signals, working with Knowledge Facets, and using the APIs.
  3. Best practices for forming an effective information UI and how this differs across applications: translating user requirements into components, Graph operations and visualizations against the Office Graph.
  4. Techniques for approaching a search-driven application development project, what is different from traditional application development and what is the same, and examples of successful projects and applications.

Features Covered:

In this demo packed session, we’ll explain how Office Graph works behind the scenes, show the standard applications such as Delve and Clutter, and showcase how to query it to bring new insights and intelligence into your own apps. We’ll also demonstrate how to push external content and signals into the Office Graph from Line of Business systems and 3rd party services.

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Global Conference 2015 and was presented by Jeff Fried .

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