The Collab365 Community recently hosted the Microsoft Trivia Quiz. The quiz took place just prior to the fantastic live show with Mark Kashman on Tuesday 23rd May and saw community members go head to head in the live real-time quiz.

The quiz contained 50 questions covering  SharePoint and Community trivia through to detailed Office 365 and SharePoint knowledge. The Questions were created by the super stars Mark Kashamn, Bill Bear, Christina Singletary, Brendan Griffin and our very own Nick Brattoli.

Thanks to Office 365 Engage

The Quiz was sponsored by the Office 365 Engage conference and had a prize for 1st place, along with one other prize selected at random from the other quiz takers.

The Prize winners were:

Matt Schuessler - Winners Prize : Full Conference Pass to O365 Engage (inc. Workshops)

Namaskar Marah - Random Prize : Full Conference Pass to O365 Engage (exc. Workshops).

How Did you all do?

The Top 25 finishes will be emailed shortly and will have the option to claim one of the badges and share their success. In the meantime here they all are with their score out of 500.

1390Schuess (Matt Schuessler)
2380Vlad Catrinescu
3370Paul Choquette
4370Nicholas Brattoli
5350Chris Kent
6320Beau Cameron
7320AxioWorks Sales
8310Erica Toelle
13280Maarten Sundman
14280Cyril Morescy
15280Rebekka Aalbers-de Jong
16280Firthouse Azad
17270Jerry Yasir
19260sunitha km

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Quiz Answers

So onto what you are all most interested in ....where did you go wrong? ... what don't you know and what do you know?

Here are the questions and the correct answers to the quiz:

1 - What version of the SharePoint mobile app shipped first?

  • SharePoint mobile app for Android
  • SharePoint mobile app for IOS
  • SharePoint mobile app for Windows 10 Mobile
  • All shipped at the same time

2 - What was the original out-of-box SharePoint Server name for the OneDrive for Business service?

  • MyBrary
  • SkyDrive
  • My Documents
  • Pre-Box

3 - Which is not considered an enterprise feature for SharePoint Server 2016 on-premises?

  • Video search
  • Excel Services
  • Access Services
  • SharePoint Health Analyzer

4 - Who is the official mascot of the SharePoint product?

  • The SharePoint Monkey
  • Monty, the SharePoint Pig
  • Bill Baer
  • Master Chief

5 - What is the current SharePoint Online site collection storage limit?

  • 1TB
  • 5TB
  • 25TB
  • 100TB

6 - What Office 365 service is integrated with SharePoint Online?

  • Office 365 Groups
  • Office Delve
  • Office 365 Video
  • All of the above

7 - What technology will soon become the defacto replacement update for Office 365 Video in Office 365?

  • Office Lenscap
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Vimeo
  • Windows Media Player

8 - What chat collaboration platform did Microsoft release this year

  • Microsoft Slack
  • Microsoft Team Chat
  • Microsoft Collaborate
  • Microsoft Teams

9 - Deleted items are stored in a recycle bin, where they can be safely recovered by users. By default, how long are items stored in the recycle bin?

  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 60 days
  • 120 days

10 - You are attempting to create a subsite with the publishing portal template, but it is absent from your template choices. Why?

  • The Publishing portal template is only available when creating site collections.
  • Publishing portals have been deprecated in this version of SharePoint Online.
  • You are within 10% your resource quota, and the high resource consumption of a publishing portal will cause you to exceed the quota.
  • You must be logged on as a site collection administrator in order to create a subsite with the publishing portal template.

11 - Libraries and lists both hold information, but which of the following describes two key differences between them?

  • Library items can have attachments; list items cannot AND Check out can be done for List items only.
  • Only libraries can have versioning enabled. AND Library items can have attachments; list items cannot.
  • Check out can be done for library contents only AND List items can have attachments; library items cannot.

12 - A document library is being very heavily utilized, and you are getting bombarded with alert notifications every time something changes. You want to reduce the volume of alerts you are receiving. What best describes 3 of your options?

  • Send a notification immediately, Send a daily summary, Send a weekly summary
  • Send a daily summary, Send a monthly summary, Send an hourly notification
  • Send a monthly summary, Send a quarterly summary, Send an hourly notification

13 - A document library is being very heavily utilized, and you are getting bombarded with alert notifications every time something changes. You want to reduce the volume of alerts you are receiving. What best describes 3 of your options?

  • Stop inheriting default permissions from the root site and grant the “Allow sharing” permission for yourself.
  • Ask the SharePoint administrator to enable sharing with outside users with the SharePoint Online admin center.
  • Nothing can be done because only sites and document libraries can be shared, not individual files.
  • As the site administrator there is nothing that you can do because only site collection administrators can share.

14 - Site sharing invitations to external users expire in how many days by default?

  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 60 days
  • 120 days

15 - By default, which 2 permission levels cannot be modified?

  • Read and Edit
  • Full Control and Limited Access
  • Edit and Design
  • Design and Full Control

16 - Which Administrator accounts are automatically a 'site collection administrator' for all site collections built?

  • Default Global administrator and SharePoint Online administrator
  • SharePoint administrator and SharePoint Enterprise administrator
  • Default Global administrator and SharePoint Enterprise administrator
  • none

17 - You want to use the auditing feature in the Security and Compliance Center. What is one requirement to do so?

  • You must opt-in to the auditing feature through a change request to Microsoft.
  • You must have a subscription to Exchange Online.
  • You must first download the Security and Compliance Center.
  • The Security and Compliance Center must first be enabled using the SharePoint Management Shell.

18 - Cloud hybrid search provides which of the following?

  • Query federation between on-premises and Office 365
  • On-premises search results available from Office 365
  • Office 365 and on-premises search results from Office 365
  • Office 365 and on-premises search results from on-premises

19 - Which versions of SharePoint Server allow the use of the App Launcher?

  • SharePoint 2007 and 2010
  • SharePoint 2013 and 2016
  • Office SharePoint and 2010
  • Office SharePoint and 2007

20 - The original name for Web Parts was which of the following?

  • Widgets
  • Nuggets
  • Parts
  • Panels

21 - In which version of SharePoint was SQL Server storage introduced?

  • 2001
  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2003

22 - On what date was SharePoint Server 2013 released?

  • November 12th 2011
  • May 4th 2012
  • October 11th 2012
  • January 2nd 2013

23 - In what year was the first SharePoint Conference?

  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2011
  • 2006

24 - When Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft who did he replace?

  • Steve Ballmer
  • Bill Gates
  • Jeff Teper
  • Mark Kashman

25 - When and where was Microsoft registered?

  • Washington in 1976
  • New Mexico in 1976
  • New York in 1976
  • San Francisco in 1976

26 - Which one of the following is NOT an Office 365 plan?

  • Office 365 Business Basic
  • Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 ProPlus

27 - Which city is the Office 365 Engage Conference located in?

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Haarlem
  • Dublin

28 - Who is often fondly referred to as the 'father of SharePoint'?

  • Jeff Fried
  • Jeff Shuey
  • ​Jeff Collins
  • Jeff Teper

29 - Immediately after this quiz we'll be streaming a Collab365 Live Show with which well-known SharePoint legend?

  • Jeff Teper
  • Bill Baer
  • Dan Holme
  • Mark Kashman

30 - At the SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017, what new feature announcement was made for OneDrive?

  • It's going to be renamed to Microsoft FileShare
  • You can now share files from Explorer
  • ​You can scan and remove duplicate files
  • You can now view AutoCad files with an Online Viewer

31 - At the SharePoint Virtual Summit, what new type of sites were announced?

  • SharePoint Work Sites
  • SharePoint Marketing Sites
  • SharePoint Corporate Sites
  • SharePoint Communication Sites

32 - The Collab365 Live Show is co-hosted by which well-known SharePoint personality?

  • Christian Buckley
  • Adam Levithan
  • Benjamin Niaulin
  • Andy Talbot

33 - What was SharePoint's first name?

  • Tahoe
  • Longhorn
  • Taupo
  • SharePoint

34 - Which community member was the first full time employee to deploy and mange SharePoint at Microsoft?

  • Jeff Teper
  • Michael Noel
  • Andrew Connell
  • Joel Oleson

35 - Which feature is not in SharePoint 2013 Hybrid?

  • Search
  • User Profiles
  • Managed Metadata
  • OneDrive

36 - By default, what is the list view threshold in SharePoint 2013?

  • 2500
  • 50000
  • 25000
  • 5000

37 - If you wanted to create a search page in SharePoint 2010 that only shows results from one content type, which search feature would you leverage?

  • Result sources
  • Scopes
  • Crawl rules
  • Query rules

38 - Which hybrid feature was added in SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 1?

  • Managed Metadata
  • Search
  • Delve
  • OneDrive

39 - Which Service Application stores credentials that can be used with external data sources?

  • Business Data Connectivity Service
  • Secure store service
  • Security Token Service
  • User profile Service

40 - Which Microsoft Application connects with other Office 365 apps to allow real-time collaboration?

  • SharePoint Online
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Outlook

41 - Which quiz question creator's job title is Senior Technical Product Manager?

  • Nick Brattoli
  • Mark Kashman
  • Bill Baer
  • Christina Singletary

42 - When installing SharePoint 2016, what do you configure to select your server roles?

  • Maxroles
  • Minroles
  • Role
  • Server Purpose

43 - According to a recent announcement at the SharePoint Virtual Summit, how many organizations now use SharePoint in Office 365?

  • 2500
  • 250,000
  • 2.5 million
  • 25 million

44 - Which new service are the Collab365 Team rolling out in 2017?

  • A global pizza delivery service
  • A 'Micro Jobs' service
  • A dating service
  • A dog sitting service

45 - Which well-known speaker (who specializes in development) will be speaking at Office 365 Engage?

  • Andrew Connell
  • Andrew Smith
  • Andrew Daniels
  • Andrew Corbett

46 - Which version of SharePoint introduced native support for PowerShell

  • MOSS 2007
  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2016

47 - Which of the following Service Applications doesn’t have an associated database

  • Word Automation
  • Visio Services
  • PerformancePoint

48 - What does the “VTI” in _VTI_BIN stand for?

  • One of the potential names for SharePoint when it was originally in development
  • A bar that the Product Group used to frequent during the development of SharePoint
  • The name of a company acquired by Microsoft whose product was integrated into SharePoint
  • Virtual Table Interface

49 - What does the “Happy Hour” in SharePoint relate to?

  • The drinks are on SharePoint
  • Resource throttling
  • The optimum backup window
  • Point of the working day with least demand

50 - What should be appended to the URL of a page to open it in Web Part Maintenance mode?

  • “?Contents=1”
  • “?WPMaint=1”
  • “?Debug=1”
  • “?TroubleshootingView=1”

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2nd - Vlad Catrinescu

​1st - Matt Schuessler

​3rd - Paul Choquette

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