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This course dives into the ins and outs of managing permissions in SharePoint. This will include general permission tasks and best practices. The course will also cover specific Office 365 security features including external sharing. In addition, the instructor will go through some of the following administrative tasks: navigation settings, Web Analytics & reporting, regional settings, site governance, search, and recycle bin.

Whats included: 

  • 15 Videos
  • 1 quiz
  • 2 Documents

Introduction to Site Management and Security 12:51

  • Introduction to Site Management and Security
  • Demo: Permission Levels

Permission Groups 03:23

  • Permission Groups
  • Demo: Permission Groups

Item Level Permissions 10:35

  • Item Level Permissions
  • Demo: Item Level Permissions

Modern Item Level Permissions 06:08

  • Modern Item Level Permissions
  • Demo: Check Permissions

Access Requests & External Sharing 07:16

  • Access Requests & External Sharing

Navigation 11:27

  • Navigation
  • Demo: Navigation

Web Analytics & Reporting 08:07

  • Web Analytics
  • Office 365 Reporting

Site Administration Settings 07:35

  • Site Administration Settings
  • Demo: Site Administration Settings

Wrap Up

  • Resources
  • Next Steps
  • Quiz

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About the author 

Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers​ is a SharePoint expert, speaker, author and educator. She is well-versed in helping organizations make the most of their SharePoint environments using out-of-box functionalities such as workflows, forms and Web parts. She is the owner of IW Mentor,​ a ​ SharePoint ​t​raining ​c​ompany. Laura’s technical expertise also includes over 12 years of experience working with Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration systems. She has been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the past six years. ​Laura runs the Birmingham (AL) SharePoint User Group. She has contributed to several books on SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 over the past eight years. You can read more about Laura’s experiences on her blog,

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