This course will cover site design concepts in SharePoint and Office 365. It will also cover the different page options that are available, including the new modern pages. We will also take a look at options for changing the look and feel of your site and the difference between what can be done with branding in SharePoint On-Premise vs. in the cloud. Other items covered include: Group/Team pages, modern pages, modern & legacy web parts, connected web parts, Composed Looks, Design Manager, and O365 custom themes

What is Included:

  • 14 Videos
  • 1 Quiz
  • 2 Documents

Course Curriculum

Introduction to SharePoint Design and Pages 19:25

  • Introduction to SharePoint Design and Pages
  • Demo: SharePoint Pages

Editing Pages and Modern Web Parts 14:01

  • Editing Pages and Modern Web Parts
  • Demo: Modern Web Parts

Legacy Web Parts 07:20

  • Legacy Web Parts
  • Demo: Legacy Web Parts

Connected Web Parts 11:55

  • Connected Web Parts
  • Demo: Connected Web Parts

SharePoint Apps and Composed Looks 09:51

  • SharePoint Apps and Composed Looks
  • Demo: Composed Looks

Design Manager and Office 365 Themes 08:12

  • Design Manager and Office 365 Themes
  • Demo: Office 365 Themes and Settings

Wrap up

  • Resources
  • What’s Next
  • Quiz

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About the author 

Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers​ is a SharePoint expert, speaker, author and educator. She is well-versed in helping organizations make the most of their SharePoint environments using out-of-box functionalities such as workflows, forms and Web parts. She is the owner of IW Mentor,​ a ​ SharePoint ​t​raining ​c​ompany. Laura’s technical expertise also includes over 12 years of experience working with Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration systems. She has been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the past six years. ​Laura runs the Birmingham (AL) SharePoint User Group. She has contributed to several books on SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 over the past eight years. You can read more about Laura’s experiences on her blog, www.wonderlaura.com.

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