In this post, we will see how to create a custom connection within the Flow, so that a mobile notification is sent when ever a flow is invoked from the SharePoint online library. I have used the previous example of sending a notification using the Azure Notification Hub and Azure functions.

Create an Open API file for the Azure Function:

The Open API file can be generated using the “API Definition” option. We can also use the swagger.io online tool to edit and verify the schema.

Verify the Schema using the editor:

More details about the Open API specification can be found here.

Create a Custom connection in the Flow:

  • Create a new custom connection

  • Set the Authentication type

  • Set the Action

  • Save and Test the connection

Add the Custom connection to the SharePoint Library Flow:

So after the above steps, adding a new item to the document library will send a notification to the App using the Azure Functions and Azure Notification Hub to the mobile.




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