At Collab365, we’ve published some fantastic Ebooks, and we want to give them to you for free.

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🎁 SharePoint Power Users Guide
🎁 The A-Z of Governance for Microsoft Teams
🎁 Beginners Guide to Microsoft Teams
🎁 Beginners Guide to Power BI
🎁 Beginners Guide to Power Automate
🎁 Teaching IT How To Manage And Govern Microsoft Teams And Other Office 365 Workloads

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Why are we giving them for free?

We’re a small company trying to spread the word about what we do.

So instead of us trying to sell you something, we’re showcasing what we are about.

Then, one day, if you’re ever looking for some training, you might look us up 😍

If not, no worries, knowing we helped someone out is good enough!

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About the author 

Mark Jones

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I want to provide a friendly online community, where we can learn and grow together:

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