Hi, I’m pretty new to Sharepoint. I have been tasked with setting up 300+ sites for our clients for the sole purpose of sending out notifications when new GDPR docs are added. We then need to get the user to acknowledge they have read the documents, and fill in a short questionnaire to say they have understood and read the documents. I have tried experimenting with multiple workflows, but can’t seem to streamline the process. Am I missing something simple here ? (We don’t want to go down 3rd party route eg, Docuread etc).

We need to make this as simple as possible for the end user, without multiple email notifications, task lists or cross site navigation.

I can create the workflow for sending the notification email. I can create the short survey, including auto populating the page to show who has read it etc, but im having an issue with the workflow auto-filling in the survey, instead of letting them do it.

What I would like to happen is the following:

1: Add document (done)

2: Auto email end user with link to document-have some sort of receipt/reporting they have read (done)

3: Auto relocate them to the survey (I have survey, but its not sending them to it, only autofilling it)

4: Auto fill designated page with survey results

5: Notifiy me or admin when complete

Am I asking the impossible ?

Any help would be appreciated.

(Please forgive any misunderstanding of terminology or description in your replies, I really AM new to Sharepoint !)

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KarlEvans commented September 5, 2017

Thats kinda what I was thinking ! Im not an experienced coder, and this is my first look at Sharepoint, so dont really want to get bogged down in lots of work. Thanks for the useful information guys, at least it gives me some ammo for my boss to rethink his strategy 🙂

Karl … just out of interest what type of documents are you intending to send out? Are they updates to policies and procedures or something new for GDPR?

For now, just the standard docs, computer usage polices, internet policies etc. Obviously, this will grown as business demands, but we are looking to set this up for our existing clients as soon as possible. I have versioning control setup, so they will be updated frequently.

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