We have been using office 365 products at our firm. We are a growing financial firm in need of help desk software soon, not immediately. As of now, we have dock 365’s SharePoint help desk system with basic features. We might need a bit more facilities in the future, so instead of buying a customized application, I’m thinking of modifying the present one. Even though the product was a ready-made one, it has the option of adding new amenities.

The current product has an automated ticket prioritizing feature, and I’m trying to add an email2db feature. My current software web interface is capable of searching the customers’ problem history and submit new problems, all on the same database.

I want to implement the already existing help email setup through our exchange server host as a particular system. It seemed to be working in the beginning, but when I tried it in a live scenario, it didn’t! It was like when someone emails our customer care email id, it will automatically forwards to the help desk web service but the web service sends the confirmation back to the help desk email and not the customer email id who originally requested for help. I want the user who requested help or initiated the ticket to receive the confirmation and ticket number email. What can I do to correct this and obtain the expected output?
Hope to get some valuable feedback from the community veterans!

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Mark Jones Changed status to publish September 25, 2020
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