Hi all

Hope I’m not overusing this service – I am learning fast so I figure the questions I have (though easy to some) are still relevant to other newbies probably have them.

I’m using SP 2013 Online Mid Sized Business Premium. Question this time is about Newsfeed permissions. I thought I was being clever announcing to the world that they could submit / reply and like newsfeed on the home page of our office intranet. Problem is that they can only read them and not contribute. Reading up and experimenting it seems the newsfeed inherits the permissions of the site that hosts them.  I don’t want to give all staff contribute permission on the top level site (clearly).

Also I had hoped that if a user submits a newsfeed to everyone on their MySite – that it would appear on the home page.

Is there a way I can give all staff the full newsfeed experience on the home page?

Thanks in advance



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