As part of a Power BI vs Excel Webinar I recently put together, I decided to see how well Microsoft Excel and Power BI work under a massive dataset.

To run this test, I grabbed a dataset of songs from the last 100 years, which contained:

  • Artist
  • Song Title
  • Tag (e.g "Pop", rap, etc)
  • Number of views

What did I want to find out?

  • How well Excel and Power BI coped with loading a massive dataset
  • How fast it was to create reports once it was loaded in. 
  • and in Power BI's case, does it have any performance issues once it was published to the online, Power BI Service.

To see the results, what this webinar segment (it's only 9 minutes).

To watch the entire webinar called "6 Reasons Why Power BI Is Better Than Microsoft Excel For Building And Sharing Your Reports And Dashboards". Go here

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