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Introduction to Microsoft Kaizala And How to Empower Your Mobile Workforce using Kaizala?

Vignesh Ganesan

In this webinar, myself and Microsoft MVP Vijai Anand have given a detailed explanation on what is Microsoft Kaizala, the different features in Microsoft Kaizala and how you can use this to empower your mobile workforce. Listed below are the topics that we have covered in detail in this webinar. If you’re new to Microsoft Kaizala and if you’re interested in knowing more about this product then you should definitely take a look at this video . 

  • What is Microsoft Kaizala?
  • Need to have Microsoft Kaizala
  • Complete functionalities of Microsoft Kaizala.
  • Action cards in Microsoft Kaizala.
  • Demo on all the Action cards.
  • Groups in Microsoft Kaizala
  • Management portal of Kaizala – Complete demo and walkthrough.
  • Syncing users from to Kaizala using Azure AD connect.
  • Pricing for Microsoft Kaizala & compliance details. 
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