Why do you need Animated GIF’s?

There may come a time when your users are using your Power App where they are waiting for something to happen. More specifically, the app maybe loading data or you want to show a success screen before returning to a main menu. Out of the box, Power Apps doesn’t have much to offer in terms of user feedback response (Direction to show the app is doing ‘something’) and may appear to the end user that the app has frozen or become unresponsive.

Loading IO

Having something moving or animated on screen during these processes is often a good way to fulfil that problem. A simple but effective way to solve it, is to bring in animated GIF’s or loading spinners. Luckily, I’ve found a great tool with tonnes of free and paid loading spinners that can be customised, downloaded and imported into your media tab in Power Apps.

Its called https://loading.io/spinner/. Here you can find all sorts of creative GIF’s and loading spinners. You can customise many aspects of the animation such as colour, speed, size and duration of the animation.

Importing GIF’s into Power Apps

Once you have found a GIF that you like, you can download it then head to the Media tab in Power Apps, select Upload and Import your GIF into your Power Apps library. Then, select it or drag and drop it into your canvas to use it.

About the author 

Connor Deasey (Collab365)