Thanks to the digital innovations of the present time, the entire human civilization is seeing a great transformation. We can take the example business here. MS Office 365 and other cloud-based suites are working relentlessly to increase the overall productivity of the business organizations. Many more intelligent products are being added to the list of inventions that help the businesses to understand their clients and employees in a better way. Another new addition to Office 365 product range in Delve Analytics. In this write-up, we will share insights about Office 365 Delve Analytics as well as its features. Let’s begin by gathering some knowledge about Delve Analytics.

What is Delve Analytics?

Delve Analytics, which is known as My Analytics now, is a popular component of Office 365. Delve App for Office 365 helps users to organize all the important data across Office 365. On the other hand, Delve Analytics is a productivity add-on of Office 365 that will let its users keep track of their activities and optimize future tasks. Users can know how much time they have spent this week in doing different activities as well as a set target for those activities for upcoming days. Delve Analytics also presents a comparative view of the personal statistics and aggregated statistics.

Office 365 E5 package users can avail Delve Analytics as part of their Office 365 product range. Other Enterprise plan users can get this as an add-on of Office 365. It allows Admins to configure Delve Analytics for the end users of their organization. Admins also get to decide whether to activate it for all the employees or to a particular section of them. End users can also decide whether their individual data can be collected to make collective data.

How Does Delve Analytics Work?

We will now turn our focus towards the functions of Delve Analytics. It will display a dashboard on your screen with a summary of your weekly activities. Once you scroll through the dashboard, you will see it is divided into several sections. Have a look which sections enables you to do what.

  • Network: This part deals with human networking, i.e., with whom you are communicating most and how quickly you respond to emails. It also suggests you people whom you may want to interact with.
  • Email: Sending and receiving emails is an inseparable part of today’s business world. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on emails every day? Now you can know that statistics too with the help of Delve Analytics. Time spent reading and writing emails can be tracked using this add-on. Besides, email response time and avg. reading speed can also be known form this section. Thus, users can turn their email communication into a more effective one.
  • Focus Hours: This section lets you know how much time do you “actually” work. It counts minimum two hours between meetings as your focus hour when you can actually sit down and do your work. Users can analyze this part and arrange their future schedule in a way that they can get more focus hours to work.
  • After Hours: The idea about employee’s work-life balance can also be drawn from this section. It shows how much additional hours users spend outside standard office hours.
  • Meetings: Meetings section is completely dedicated to gathering information about parameters related to meetings. You will learn from this section the total time spent on meetings and the type of meetings that take most time of yours. It also contains a metrics called Meeting Quality that includes information about meetings that have been ineffective. Thus, users can take a decision about attending such type of meetings in future.

Final Thoughts

Though Office 365 Admins and business organizations welcomed Delve Analytics, there has been a concern among some employees regarding the privacy of their activities. However, Microsoft has assured that Delve Analytics does not collect any private information from the users. Using Delve Analytics, others cannot see any of your private activities or which documents you have accessed as the data is presented to the Admins in an aggregated form. If we keep these concerns aside, Delve Analytics is surely a useful tool to ensure proper utilization of time and resources in a business organization.

About the author 

Vaibhav Arora