If you’re spending days on Google (or YouTube) looking to learn PowerApps, it’s NOT too late!

Here are 10 (plus 3 bonus) EBooks to help you seriously level-up your PowerApps skills in a single weekend.

Our dedicated team, here at Collab365, just spent an eye-watering 240-hours producing in-depth Ebooks for every single session from the recent PowerApps Virtual Summit.

Yep, we watched, rewatched, made notes and created 10 amazing Ebooks that give you massive insights into the topics that the Speakers presented. 

The best bit? All 3 of us were new to PowerApps, meaning we’ve written them in a way that we could understand as complete novices.

Every single Ebook can be read, absorbed and actioned straight away.

I personally, LOVE the flexibility of Zapier and PowerApps and learned a load from Hugh’s session! (Although I am biased as I wrote that one 😉

These EBooks are packed full of tips, tricks and insights from the very best experts in the Microsoft community. 

Do people like them?


? What’s in the Ebooks? ?

Firstly, there are 340-pages of PowerApps goodness that we know you will love. 

Have a look at our PowerApps EBook bundle page to see what’s in each Ebook.

We’re currently asking for a donation of just $19, which is less than 6 posh coffees. We won’t be holding the $19 price for long as it’s purely to celebrate the launch! Be quick if you want them.

A few have been asking if there’s still an opportunity to watch the sessions.

Yes! If you want to watch the videos (I don’t blame you as I like to learn by video as well). Grab a PowerApps Virtual Summit Pass. ⌚️⌚️⌚️


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Mark Jones

Collab365 Founder helping people learn Microsoft 365 via these: 👉 Collab365 Summits - Massive virtual conferences for Microsoft products 👉 Collab365 Today - Aggregation site for the best community blogs 👉 Collab365 Community - Huge blog site including plenty of Microsoft content I want to provide a friendly online community, where we can learn and grow together: 👉 365ers - coming very soon!

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