Microsoft just released another Yammer integration solution. It’s a SharePoint (2013) App which allows you to embed Yammer group feeds into a SharePoint site. This feature brings the opportunity to create a connection between Yammer feeds and SharePoint sites.

The Yammer app will allow you to manually replace a SharePoint site feed with a Yammer group or comment feed. Microsoft understands that many customers want to do this programmatically, but Microsoft is still working on a solution that will make Yammer feeds the default for all SharePoint sites.

The Yammer app can be downloaded here.

Microsoft also released a whitepaper which describes how to deploy the App onpremises. This whitepaper can be downloaded here

According to a Blogpost from Microsoft this week they will release the following Yammer updates in the next 6 to 8 months :

  • SharePoint search integration. We’re enabling SharePoint search to search Yammer conversations and setting the stage for deeper, more powerful apps that combine social and search.
  • Yammer groups in SharePoint sites. The Yammer app in the SharePoint store will allow you to manually replace a SharePoint site feed with a Yammer group feed, but we recognize that many customers will want to do this programmatically. We’re working on settings that will make Yammer feeds the default for all SharePoint sites. (See below for a mock-up of a Yammer group feed surfaced as an out-of-the-box component of a SharePoint team site.)
  • Yammer messaging enhancements. We’re redesigning the Yammer user experience to make it easier to use as a primary communication tool. We’ll also be improving directed messaging and adding the ability to message multiple groups at once.
  • Email interoperability. We’re making it easier than ever to use Yammer and email together. You’ll be able to follow an entire thread via email, respond to Yammer messages from email, and participate in conversations across Yammer and email.
  • External communication. Yammer works great inside an organization, but today you have to create an external network to collaborate with people outside your domain. We’re improving the messaging infrastructure so that you can easily include external parties in Yammer conversations.
  • Mobile apps. We’ll continue to invest in our iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 apps as primary access points. The mobile apps are already a great way to use Yammer on the go, and we’ll continue to improve the user experience as we add new features to the service.
  • Localization. We’re localizing the Yammer interface into new languages to meet growing demand across the world.

So integration will improve step by step…

What do you think about this app?

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