Migrate your FTC solution to CAM:Step by Step

Rodrigo Pinto
As App Model grows to be the new standard in SharePoint development this the time to look at how to take advantages of it to enhance your SharePoint development In this session you will learn step by step how to transform a real full trust code solution used in a real client into a new cloud app model ready application. From site and page provisioning, contentypes and timerjobs we will cover some of the pointers and bottlenecks we came across during a real client case scenario.
Features Covered:
  • Publishing
  • Css
  • Master Pages
  • Site
  • Lists
  • Content Types and Columns Fields Provisioning
  • TimerJobs
  • Full trust solutions
  • Cloud app Model
Session Objectives
  • think outside of the SharePoint Box
  • new ways of provisioning SharePoint assets
  • leverage full trust solutions vs cloud app model
  • build a CAM framework

This session was delivered at the SPBiz Conference and was presented by Rodrigo Pinto.

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