Anyone working on complex flows knows you can quickly lose track of your flow, what your flow might be doing or where information in your flow may be coming from. This is where its beneficial to spend a little bit of time implementing these tips into your Power Automate flows.

Renaming Actions & Triggers

This sounds like an obvious step – but to my surprise it’s crazy how many Power Automate developers don’t do this. You can do this by pressing the ellipsis next to the action or trigger you want to rename and selecting rename. But this allows you to understand what your action may be doing even if the action or trigger is collapsed. Remember: always rename your nodes to explain what they are doing

Action & Trigger Notes

This is a handy little tooltip that you can add to your triggers and actions if you want to be a bit more descriptive. But similarly to the renaming tip it allows you to store string information that only the people accessing the flow builder can see. This becomes very useful when collaborating on solutions and flows within Power Automate so other developers can see what your actions are doing.

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