As part of a Power BI vs Excel WebinarI recently put together, I wanted to find out which tool offered the best security when sharing reports with others.

Specifically, I wanted to look at what options are available to us for securing at the report / Excel file level and how we can do row-level security. 

By row-level security, I mean ... how do we secure specific rows in a report so that only a set of prescribed people can view them? Salary information is an excellent example of when you'd want to do this. For example, imagine you have a spreadsheet of company salaries, and you'd like the line manager only to see their direct reports.

Is this possible in either Power BI or Excel? 

Find out in the video...   

To watch the entire webinar called "6 Reasons Why Power BI Is Better Than Microsoft Excel For Building And Sharing Your Reports And Dashboards". Go here

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