See How Non-Technical Users Easily Create Dynamic Forms in O365

Nimrod Geva

Join KWizCom’s Product Group Manager Nimrod Geva for a live demo showing how real world forms/workflows scenarios can be quickly and easily built using KWizCom Forms, without requiring you to be a “Forms Expert” or “a “Forms Designer”.

Nate’s Take :

Kwizcom has built some great apps to help create better user experiences. While they’re only currently available in classic experience, Nimrod said they will later be available in modern experience as well. Being able to hide or show columns/fields based on permissions, letting users easily create their own rules for conditional rendering of fields based on previous selections, adding tabs to your forms, and more. Check out how you could add no-code functionality to your end users’ forms toolbox with an app from Kwizcom.

Nate Chamberlain, SharePoint Business Analyst.

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