We’ve been running polls on SharePoint-Community.net (now Collab365.community) for a while now and one of the major questions we ask is ‘Which versions of SharePoint does your organization use on a daily basis?“.

Here are the results from our ‘Great SharePoint Survey (March 2017)’

Nearly 67% of respondents (total of 321 answered) now use SharePoint Online on a daily basis which is some incredible growth! Another interesting stat is that SharePoint 2016 (released in May last year) is still only 4th most popular. SharePoint 2013 is still the clear front-runner for on-premises.

Results from the November 2014 Poll

We also also asked a very similar question (not exactly the same) in November 2014. You can see that back then Office 365 was used in less organisations than SharePoint 2007 (at 7%).

Results from the May 2014 Poll

Here are the results from the poll we ran in May 2014..

When do you plan to migrate to Office 365?

We asked 321 respondents when their organization plans to move to Office 365 and just 10% stated that they will never move to Office 365. This is great news for Microsoft and ISV’s who are investing in Office 365.

Do you use SharePoint On-Premises or Online? (Leave a comment to let us know).




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Mark Jones

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  1. Mark, I was doing a similar search yesterday in Google Trends. And to me the answer is a little more boring! Most of the searches seemed to be for people looking to log into 365 and not any sort of information gathering from what I could see. Yes, certainly there is increased usage of 365 (Microsoft would be very unhappy otherwise!) but there is a long way to go just yet. SharePoint going? See what Bjorn Furuknap has to say about that!

  2. Interesting input, Mark. Last several months, I constantly find myself thinking about the changes in SP, O365 and IT in general. It seems pretty obvious for me that the cloud has great impact on the future of IT. In my view, sooner or later, huge amount of services will be completely or partly moved there. SP is not an exception.

    Definitely, there will be some part of the customers that will resist moving to the cloud, and MS will try not to miss them, but as a strategy, MS will try to do as much as can to move all of them to the cloud. Actually, we can see it now. They stopped investing in SP social, but are investing in completely cloud Yammer; cool features like announced this week integration of SP files and Yammer are available only in SP Online and so on. So, I expect the main changes in SP will be somehow related to the cloud or integration with other MS cloud services.

    However, I don’t think (or probably don’t want to think) that SP will dissapear. I would rather say, it will become a part of something bigger (O365). I am not talking about SP Online as a part of O365 subscription, but about SharePoint as one of the tools in O365 solid toolset.

    If it will move in that direction, most likely there will be significant changes in SP structure and some parts of it will be thrown away or reworked due to the nature of the cloud and the presence of the similar functionality in other parts of O365.

  3. Unfortunately, could not update my last post, where I am talking that SP will not dissapear and become a part of something bigger. I have just reread Mark’s post and the last sentence of it regarding SP disapearing and understood that we are talking about the same feeling…

  4. I believe people search for O365 to check if it meets its corporate requirements, but, as the answer in many cases is “no”, do not decide to invest in it just yet. That would explain rising search numbers and in the same time stable percentage in the polls (assuming they are representative for SharePoint deployments all over the world, which is completely different issue).

    And of course we need to consider Microsoft marketing and the current hype on cloud. So yes, it is likely that O365 will dominate in a couple of years, but I do not imagine doing it just now.

  5. Maciej – you maybe correct – although from our point of view (product vendor), we are getting probably 3 times more enquiries for 365 than we did just 6 months ago. However, it’s still tiny in comparison. Are you seeing similar with your apps?

  6. Yes, we do get enquries for cloud more often and often. However people asking for it seem to lose their enthusiasm a bit after explaining the difference between cloud and on-prem.

    Perhaps hybrid deployment can be some compromise, but then you would to take into account the cost of running two separate systems and connectors in between.

  7. Don’t forget that Office 365 is much more than SharePoint – its Exchange, Outlook, Office, lync, One drive and SharePoint Online

    There has to be companies using O365 just for Email (huge easy win) even if they are still using SharePoint on-premise (or not using SharePoint at all).

  8. Good Point Ryan, however, not many search for SharePoint Online nowadays. It’s all getting rolled up into Office 365. Anyway, I just updated it on the stats from IT Jobs Watch. SharePoint is holding it’s own, but it’s safe to say it isn’t climbing any more. 

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