We’ve been running polls on SharePoint-Community.net (now Collab365.community) for a while now and one of the major questions we ask is ‘Which versions of SharePoint does your organization use on a daily basis?“.

Here are the results from our ‘Great SharePoint Survey (March 2017)’

Nearly 67% of respondents (total of 321 answered) now use SharePoint Online on a daily basis which is some incredible growth! Another interesting stat is that SharePoint 2016 (released in May last year) is still only 4th most popular. SharePoint 2013 is still the clear front-runner for on-premises.

Results from the November 2014 Poll

We also also asked a very similar question (not exactly the same) in November 2014. You can see that back then Office 365 was used in less organisations than SharePoint 2007 (at 7%).

Results from the May 2014 Poll

Here are the results from the poll we ran in May 2014..

When do you plan to migrate to Office 365?

We asked 321 respondents when their organization plans to move to Office 365 and just 10% stated that they will never move to Office 365. This is great news for Microsoft and ISV’s who are investing in Office 365.

Do you use SharePoint On-Premises or Online? (Leave a comment to let us know).




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