Who is SPGuides?

SPGuides, guided by Bijay Kumar is a great stop for results in your Microsoft 365 development. If you want results fast without getting lost in endless text and boring talk, this is a blog site you will want to follow.

All of Bijay’s articles cover various topics within SharePoint and also the majority of Office365 / Microsoft365 including the Power Platform. What you’ll cherish with SPGuides is the ‘to the point’ articles which are laid out clearly with screenshots and numbered steps to complete a given task. What I like about SPGuides, is his ability to easily search for a topic or guide and easily understand from the title what you will get from the article. Most of his articles include examples and use cases which for beginners, makes learning and understand what you are reading very straightforward.

As a Power Platform developer, I have referred to SPGuides articles to solve common and complex scenarios which would have otherwise left me stumped – twiddling my thumbs with my head in the sand. For example, last week I wanted to implement search functionality into my latest Power App for the first time. My 2 years Power Apps experience got me so far, but luckily SPGuides had a useful article on how to do this with examples

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About the author 

Connor Deasey (Collab365)