For those exploring Power Automate for the first time may be confused about how to build flows or what you need to know before getting started.

Power Automate Flows will run after a trigger condition is met. There are what I consider to be three primary Flow triggers which you need to know to get the most out of Power Automate.

Automate Cloud Flow

An Automated Cloud Flow is a type of flow that is triggered automatically due to an event that has taken place. An automated Cloud Flow could be anything from waiting for a response in a Microsoft Form to waiting for a list item to appear in a SharePoint list. Automate cloud flows allow your flows to handle most of your actions without intervening.

Instant Cloud Flow

An instant Cloud Flow is usually triggered by a more manual action such as someone physically pressing a button in Power Apps or responding to an adaptive card in Microsoft Teams.

Scheduled Cloud Flow

A scheduled Cloud Flow is triggered at a specific time and can be anything from every minute to every month but allows you to perform repetitive tasks such as daily task reminders to your staff or sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter.

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