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This is the continuation blog for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 R2 installation for Microsoft SharePoint 2016 RTM on Microsoft Window Server 2012 R2……

In my previous blog, we have added SQL Server Instances and shared features for the setup. Now, we’ll continue with the steps to complete the installation successfully.

13. In the following “Features Rule” screen, we have to check that features rule should not be failed in any of the given. If fails then we need to add/install the required component on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Note –  you will see couple of new links in left panel of the screen. Let’s finish off each one by one.

14. On the “Instance Configuration” screen, we’ll send the default instance and click on the Next button to continue

15.  On the “Server Configuration” screen, we have to check for all service and Account Name with password. Also, we can setup start type for the Server’s Services.

16. On the “Database Engine Configuration” Screen, we have to select an Authentication mode for the SQL SERVER. And, we’ll specify the administrators account.

17. On next “Analysis Services Configuration” screen just set the Server Mode “Multidimensional and Data Mining Mode” by click on Radio button and users account for Administrative permissions.

Click on Next button to continue

18.  On the following “Reporting Services Configuration” screen, we need select configuration mode for with Native and SharePoint integrated mode for Reporting Services as depicted below in screenshot. hit the next button to continue

19. On the “Distributed Replay Controller” Screen, we need to specify the user account for administrative permissions.

20. On the “Distributed Replay client” screen, we need to provide a name for our Controller Name and click on  the Next button to continue.

21. On the following “Feature Configuration Rules” screen, we can verify the rules and status incase any failure.

22. On the “Ready to Install” screen, all the selected features can be verified to be installed.

23. Below screen shows that you have installed Microsoft SQL SERVER 2014 R2 successfully. Congratulations!!

Click here to Install Microsoft SharePoint 2016 RTM – Part 3

I hope, this will be helpful for you.

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