It has become common knowledge that more and more industries are moving to a digital world. This is escalated exponentially due to the current global crisis and more and more businesses working remotely. This alone proves to me that there is a huge demand for professionals to be called to implement a business structure to drive the organisation but most importantly the success of the businesses.

Why am I here?

I was introduced to Microsoft 365 just a couple of weeks after the global pandemic began as I joined the Collab365 team and was slowly fed valuable knowledge of the platform as I assisted with developments in the company. However, I believe now is the time to focus on powering through my educative experience and have set myself the goal of completing my PL-900 exam.

Setting myself the goal of completing the PL-900 is my first step to becoming fully equipped with the knowledge to work in the Power Platform and build some awesome solutions to common business issues and I’d love to share my journey with you.

My Goals

Working with the Collab365 team for almost a year, working on different aspects of the teams ambitions has been fun and also challenging. With so many different pools to dip my feet into, from marketing to web development it is apparent that there could be a great opportunity for some Power Platform goodness.

I want to head towards being able to become efficient enough and holster the knowledge to build an entire Power Platform solution to assist with marketing within Collab365. Making use of Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI to snatch data from all of our analytics and dump them in a readable, but most importantly manageable solution that will hopefully drive success for Collab365.

Why you should learn Power Platform too

Wether you like the sound of what I strive to build or not, we have to appreciate the Power of the Power Platform (its not called Power Platform for nothing). There are infinite ways your company can utilise the platform and build awesome solutions to some very prominent problems.

Coming into this architecture with no experience has proved challenging, but the perks of being a part of Collab365 is that I’ve been lucky enough to be able to attend the GlobalCon Virtual Conferences, where I’ve seen first hand through over 200 sessions of my time here what the Power Platform has to offer as well as its awesome capabilities with Microsoft 365 and third party services.

About the author 

Connor Deasey

It's my ambition to learn and share my experiences with Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform, to provide a fantastic learning experience. I'm a keen videographer and also assist with daily operations at Collab365.