10 tips for building great SharePoint Forms

Sebastien Levert
SharePoint, being a list and data driven platform, is all about forms and the options that are left to the power users seem to be very limited. This session will uncover useful tips on how to leverage different SharePoint components to enhance any SharePoint form. By using all native configurations, even if Microsoft did not provide a real replacement for InfoPath yet, you will be able to customize your SharePoint forms and be considered a real Rock Star!
Features Covered:
  • Excel Surveys
  • CSOM / JSOM to interact with data
  • Content Editor WebPart to easily add custom form on a page
  • Lists / Document Libraries
  • Content Types and Columns
Session Objectives:
  • how to enhance existing SharePoint forms.
  • alternatives to OOTB forms.
  • how to integrate third party libraries for better forms.
  • how to use Excel Surveys as a great way for data entry.

This session was delivered at the SPBiz Conference and was presented by Sebastien Levert.

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