AngularJS and the Office 365 APIs : A match made in heaven !

Sebastien Levert

This session will give the developers, IT Pro and Business Analysts a new perspective of the new Office 365 APIs that are now available. The integration with the Office 365 platform has always been a big challenge and this session will show how we can leverage this integration into Line Of Business applications. We will also discuss how we can develop software practices that will help the software development teams to use technologies (Javascript, AngularJS, REST, CSOM, etc.) to achieve business goals.

You will learn :

  1. what are the Office 365 APIs used for.
  2. why AngularJS is a time-saver technology for client-side development.
  3. when to use SharePoint CSOM vs. Office 365 APIs.
  4. why Azure Active Directory will become a central component of your Office 365 integration.
  5. how Office 365 APIs can help your team be more productive.

Features Covered:

  • the Office 365 APIs (Files, Contacts, Mails, Graph, etc.)
  • the Azure Active Directory (for the Application registration process)
  • the App Launcher
  • the SharePoint-Hosted App Model
  • the CSOM SharePoint API

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Global Conference 2015 and was presented by Sebastien Levert .

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