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Automated Build-Deploy-Test Workflows for SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 using Visual Studio 2013

Ayman El-Hattab

With the introduction of SharePoint 2013, there are different methods to customize SharePoint. Developers have the option of creating new cloud applications for SharePoint or maintaining legacy full trust code. Coupled with the complexity many organizations have in terms of managing SharePoint customizations across Office 365 and on-premises implementations, developers and solution architects will need to understand how to adjust application Lifecycle Management (ALM) techniques to support and deploy quality solutions.

In Visual Studio 2013, you can create a build-deploy-test workflow to deploy and test your SharePoint apps & solutions when you run a build. Over several demos, we will cover how to get started with automating the build, deploying the resulting packages to SharePoint Virtual Testing labs using PowerShell, then automatically running Automated tests against the SharePoint Applications & Solutions.

This session was delivered at the SP24 Conference and was presented by Ayman El-Hattab.

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