Azure IaaS – Easy Mode SharePoint 2013 Development Environment

Kenneth Maglio

Want a SharePoint 2013 environment to start researching App Development? Maybe you want practice installing SharePoint 2013 and Service Applications. Don’t have a laptop or desktop with at least 32gigs of Ram, you might be hard pressed then to run everything you need for SharePoint 2013 – without it being dog slow… Enter Azure IaaS; Microsoft has given SharePoint developers and option to build an environment in the Cloud without much effort. This session will go over what it takes to build out a set of VMs in Azure to stand up SharePoint as a Full Install (AD, Domain, SQL, SP). The speed in which we will be able to spin up environments is greatly reduced with the images available on the Azure Gallery and we aren’t charged when the VMs are off!!

This session was delivered at the SP24 Conference and was presented by Kenneth Maglio.

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