The business action plan for effective Office365 policies

Kristina Podnar

Security and privacy. Information and records preservation. Appropriate information access. Office 365 has matured over the past several years, offering organizations increased capabilities to comply with laws, industry regulations or internal policies. But does your organization have a governance processes in place for determining the legal and regulatory requirements that you should adopt? Are internal policies clearly documented for all Office 365 projects? This session, aimed at Office 365 managers and business owners will explain the role of digital policies, considerations for creating good policies based on industry and geographical location, and best practices to manage policies so that they become an enabler and not another tedious hoop through which digital workers must jump.

You will learn:

  • What digital policies does my organization need?
  • How do I quickly and effectively create policies?
  • When is the most optimal time to adopt and implement policies?
  • Who should create digital policies?
  • Where should policies be stored for best adoption success?
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