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Collab365 Live Show Special – The Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 from a Microsoft 365 CVP

Andy Talbot

In this exciting and fast paced LIVE Show, Andy Talbot (MVP) is joined by Ron Markezich (Corporate vice president for Microsoft 365 Commercial) for an Executive, decision maker & product owner level discussion primarily focused on the Microsoft Modern Workplace and the role that Microsoft 365 plays.

  • Host: Andy Talbot – Microsoft MVP, Collab365 LIVE Show Host & Nando’s Office 365 Product Owner
  • Guest: Ron Markezich – Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Office 365 Marketing

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Reasons To Attend …

Learn about Microsoft 365:

  • What does it mean to business and what’s the imagined value proposition?
  • Microsoft 365 customer stories.

Learn about the workplace reimagined:

  • Modern Workplace – What does it mean to Microsoft and how can customers start to think about their modern workplace?

Microsoft Teams:

  • What role does Microsoft Teams play within a Modern Workplace?
  • Key value propositions for customers.
  • How is Microsoft teams reimagining communication & collaboration?

Future Innovations:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – AI & ML are playing an ever-growing role – what is Microsoft doing in this space with Microsoft 365?
  • What are customers asking for in this space?


  • How does Hololens play a part in the modern workplace story?
  • Early adopter customer stories (e.g. Ford use case for car design)

GDPR & The Microsoft Cloud:

  • What Microsoft is doing to help customers with GDPR compliance by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud.
  • How does this fit into Microsoft’s overall commitment to security and compliance?

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