In my previous blog, we have installed Windows Server 2012 R2. Now, in this blog, I’ll show you how you can install Active Directory with Domain Controller in Windows Server 2012 R2. Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to install AD.

SharePoint 2013 Installation Series:

Note : If you wish to see how to install SharePoint 2016 then please check my step by step guide to installing SharePoint 2016.


1. Open the Dashboard in the Server Manager, and click on the Add roles and features links from right hand side panel of the screen


2. You should be able to see Add Roles and Features Wizard screen. Check the Skip this page by Default check box and press Next button.


3. You will be asked for select the Installation in this screen, Click on “Role-based or feature-based Installation” and press Next button


4. In the following screen, you will be asked to select a destination server from the server pool and press Next button


5. On the Select Server screen, Select the role Active Directory Domain Services. Once you selected the role, you will be promoted to install the prerequisites. Check the Include management tools(If applicable) check box and press Add Features button

6. Now, you have installed all the prerequisites for Active Directory. Select the additional Roles and Features if required. Press Next button to continue


7. The following screen has information about how Active Directory Domain Services will be installed. Press Next button to continue


8. The next screen in Add Roles and Features Wizard is Confirm Installation Selections Screen. Click the Restart the destination server automatically if required. and Click on Install button.



9. Now, Installation process will be started. It takes several minutes to complete.


10. Once, Active Directory Domain Service is installed. you can see the installation results in the screen. Click on Promote this server to a domain controller to lunch the Active Directory Domain Services configured wizard.

Note : Do not close the screen yet


11.  You should be able to see the Deployment Configuration screen. Select the Add new a Forest radio button and provide Root domain name in the text box. Press Next button to continue


12.  The next screen is the Domain Controller Options screen. Enter the Password of your choice in Password and Confirm password fields and Keep other settings on default. Press Next button to continue


13. You will be prompted with warning on DNS Option screen of the Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard. Here, you don’t need to do anything. Just press Next button to continue


14. In the following Additional Option screen, you will be asked to verify the your NetBIOS domain name.

15. On the Paths screen , you can leave all the settings as is it and press Next button to continue


16. Now, you will get Review Options screen that shows the wizard settings you have selected. Press Next button to Continue


17. You will be landed on Prerequisites Check screen. This takes several minutes to complete the check. once, test is completed. Press the Install button


18. Now, you are on last screen of the Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard. This Installation screens shows the installation progress. Once, Installation is completed, your server will be restarted automatically


19. After, your system restarted. you should be able to able to login with in domain using the Domain credentials ex. Domain\UserName 

20. Now, you can use the Active directory Users and Computers administrator tool to create the users and groups


21. Verify all the domain details by browsing the Node of Users Folder in Left panel of the screen.

Please do let me know if anyone faces any issues in Installation or Configuration of Active Directory Domain Services.

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    1. You need to create service account to setup SharePoint and SQL Server. To create new users and groups, you can use “Active directory Users and Computers” administrator tool. Let me know if you still need any help.

  1. Hi, I actually come from Linux and not very accustom with Windows mechanism. U tell me if its correct please :
    1-install Windows server
    2-install active directory :
    – create domain SP.HOME
    – create group SP
    – create admin domain SP\admin
    -login as domain admin in SP.HOME
    3-install SQL ( as domain SP/admin )
    4-install share point ( as domain SP/admin )
    – I use this https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/DownloadInstall-SharePoint-e6df9eb8
    5-install project ( as domain SP/admin ).

  2. Hi i m praveen
    When i am at add a new forest. After fill new domain name and clik on next than a error occured that server not connected .
    Pls suggest solution

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