Configuring SharePoint 2013 as a Business Intelligence Platform

Edwin Sarmiento

With SharePoint as the business collaboration platform of choice for the enterprise, it has become an important piece in the overall Microsoft BI stack. However, deploying and configuring it to support Microsoft BI solutions has become a cumbersome task for the IT professional. In this session, you will learn what it takes to successfully architect and design SharePoint 2013 as a BI platform. We will cover multiple configuration scenarios and the different technologies necessary to build the infrastructure. At the end of the session, you can walk away feeling confident to run Power Pivot, Power View and Reporting Services in your SharePoint 2013 farm.

You will learn :

  1. The common challenges when integrating Microsoft BI with SharePoint 2013
  2. How to integrate Reporting Services with SharePoint 2013
  3. How to configure PowerPivot for Sharepoint
  4. How to use the Microsoft BI tools for self-service BI in SharePoint 2013

Features Covered:

Some of the PowerBI features in Office 365 will be covered such as Power Pivot, Power View and power Query

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Global Conference 2015 and was presented by Edwin Sarmiento .

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