Custom Indexing Connectors – How to integrate external system into your SharePoint Enterprise Search

Heinrich Ulbricht

Information is often scattered in external systems like SAP, Confluence, Yammer or DBs. This session is about the vision of One Enterprise Search that can be used to find information regardless of which LOB application it is stored in. SharePoint Search is the solution that can provide one entry point to all systems.

SP Search is scalable, customizable and extendable. This session will dive into the last point: extend SP Search and feed data from external systems into its index using the Indexing Connector Framework. Indexing Connectors will be explained. It will be highlighted where you as a Dev, IT Pro or User will see it at work. We will go into the main problems: credential mapping, API limits and load. Solutions will be presented using two examples: a connector for Confluence Wikis and a prototype for Yammer enabling users to search these systems from SP.

This session was delivered at the SP24 Conference and was presented by Heinrich Ulbricht.

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