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A day in the life of a SharePoint Superhero, aka Evangelist

Jeffrey Travis

In many instances, SharePoint is not used to its potential due to end users not knowing what is capable with SharePoint. Having been in various companies over the last 10 years, I have seen many places where SharePoint could be leveraged to build in efficiencies. Examples would be converting paper based or even Excel “applications” to SharePoint lists, use of versioning in SharePoint, using SharePoint in place of attachments in email, surveys, and much much more. The SharePoint Superhero, er, Evangelist is here to save companies from the inefficiencies.

You will learn:

  • How to leverage SharePoint to make every day tasks more efficient.
  • A lot of functionality that is available in SharePoint out of the box.
  • SharePoint is truly a tool for the business not just IT.
  • SharePoint is more than just a content management system.
  • The P in SharePoint is capitalized.
  • After you have fun learning SharePoint, there is usually a time for SharePint.
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