Deep Dive in Microsoft Teams – Real case scenario implementation

Rodrigo Pinto

Microsoft Teams is the newest and coolest Microsoft chat-based collaboration hub with built-in interoperability between all productivity products on the Office 365 suite. Moving towards an agiler conversational style of working, this form of digital collaboration resonates entirely with the current corporate workforce and that’s one of the main reasons the adoption is a growing success. Nevertheless … While this brings a number of great benefits, it can cause some governance and admin headaches if not proper managed. Get to know what’s happening under the hood, how to achieve proper governance, backup and restore scenarios and all the do’s and don’ts when implementing Microsoft Teams in a corporate environment.

You will learn:

  • MS Teams Troubleshooting
  • Migrate existing content to MSTeam
  • Whats under the hood, on MS Teams
  • Bulk teams creation
  • MsTeams Governance
  • Extend and control team creation
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