How an 18 year old learnt PowerApps in 2 weeks

Paul Culmsee

Paul Culmsee, along with his 18-year old daughter, Ashlee, has recently been working on a PowerApps App. Ashlee did most of the work, with no previous training, and learned to use PowerApps from scratch.

The demo application they built was to help support audit scenarios, because it allowed them to build something that would easily work both online and on a mobile phone.

During their demo, they talk about:

  • how to collect various metrics about a car such as oil level, brake fluid levels, etc.
  • how to use your phone to take a photo and add it straight into the PowerApps app.
  • how they were able to connect it to a weather service to retrieve live data such as temperatures and humidity levels.
  • how to select your current location in Google maps.
  • how to use Flow as a general web service that responds to an HTTP request. This is really neat because it largely increases the way that a Flow can be triggered.
  • how the form is then filled out and the data is tagged then submitted to SharePoint Online using Flow.

This shows how versatile PowerApps can be and how many different things it can be used for. A huge mention must also go to Ashlee and her dad, it’s very impressive that she managed to pick up PowerApps and then build an awesome app in just two weeks! I am in awe!

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