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Live Show #10 – Latest and greatest around Microsoft Flow

Andy Talbot

Join Nick and Andy who will be catching up with the Microsoft Flow product team. There will be discussion around Microsoft Flow and the future strategy with SharePoint.

Here’s a great write up of the show : Go with the Flow

Other areas that will be discussed:

  • What is the intended usage for flow, is it ITTT or does it replace workflow as we know it?
  • For approval steps how powerful are these
    • Can I dynamic resolve sets of users to send approvals to manage?
    • Can voting scenarios for be used (a team get an approval request and you continue if two people say yes or one person said no?
    • How do I put logic on for different possible sets of Approvers
  • When updating a backend system can I choose to impersonate the user who interacting with the flow or use a service account? / how is this managed – are credentials centrally managed or do they need to be authorised for each user of the flow?
  • How are exceptions managed?
    • When a flow fails can I re-start it from the failed step or do I have to run the whole flow again?
    • Can I configure my own exception rules
    • Re-usability
    • How re-usable are flows, can one flow call another?
  • Export to logic apps and visa versa
  • Will Flow completely replace SharePoint workflows? When can we expect that to happen?


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