​Live Show #14 – Microsoft OneDrive discussion with the Product Team

Andy Talbot

We’re delighted to have Stephen Rose (Snr Product Marketing Manager) and Jason Moore (Partner Group Program Manager) from Microsoft, plus special guest Hans Brendner to share the latest information around OneDrive. 

Live Show #14: Microsoft OneDrive – Aug 29, 2017 – 5:00pm – 6:00pm UTC 

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In this Live Show Nick and Andy will be discussing the following:

  • Are Microsoft planning an API for the client, that admins may use to check their health of all NGSCs (New Generation Sync Client) of all users
  • Is there a plan for syncing metadata to the client?
  • Is there a technical description about all the parameters of the NGSC on the client side?
  • When will we receive information about IRM/RMS document libraries?
  • What’s on the OneDrive Roadmap for the rest of the year?

Want to ask a question?

We’ve been using our Collab365 Facebook Group to ask the questions and poll users ahead of time, so feel free to add your own, or ask it in the Chat Room during the Live Show.


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