Missed Ignite? Brace yourself, grab a pen and tune into our Live Show (4 Oct 5pm UTC)

Andy Talbot

Were you like me and missed out on all of the amazing content shared at Microsoft Ignite last week?

Well fear not! In this fast-paced Collab365 Live Show we’re going to be going through some of the most important announcements from those who attended it:

  • Mark Kashman – Senior Product Manager, Microsoft
  • Dux Raymond Sy – Microsoft Community Report at Ignite
  • Nick Brattoli – Collab365 Community Manger & Show Host
  • Me – Andy Talbot, your Live Show Host

How to attend?

Tbh, I personally cannot wait for this show! We’ll be digging into so many of the juicy announcements including:

Did you go to Ignite?

Now to make this a real “community special”, it would be awesome if you could also come along and join us in the Chat. We’ll have a team monitoring Chat, so we’ll do our best also include your news and give you a shout out Live on the Show.

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