An in-depth introduction to Microsoft Teams

Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers demonstrates Microsoft Teams in SharePoint Online. Here’s her associated blog post:…

[00:00:00] Go ahead and officially get started. See. [3.9]

[00:00:06] All right hello everyone and welcome to SharePoint Power Hour. I’m Laura Rogers and we’re live. This is my live show. I try to do every Wednesday at 11:00 central all about SharePoint and Office 365 and new things that come out and demos on how to do things in SharePoint. [19.7]

[00:00:26] This is really geared towards non-developers and business users and end users. And we just talk about all kinds of different topics we’ve been doing this for a couple of years. So today’s topic is going to be the new this new technology that has just come out in the past month or so Microsoft Teams. Very interesting, I just wrote a blog post about it last night, And so basically Microsoft Teams as you can go to teams at and it is kind of like Slack and it is kind of like Skype, it is kind of like a mixture of both. We’re going to talk about today. We’re going to demo how to use it and what purposes you’d use it for. And just a little more information during Power Hour. We always have our live chat going on. So Slack is the platform that we use for our interactive conversations during Power Hour. [1:01.3]

[00:01:29] The link to join us in Slack is on the Power Hour on the YouTube. Just the description right there and it’s got a form to fill out if it’s your first time joining. And if you’ve been in it for a while you just go to either have you IW Mentor is my SharePoint training company. So we all chat in a little Power Hour channel in Slack. And it’s interesting because now we’re all familiar with Slack and it so we’ll probably be drawing a lot of parallels between teams and Slack as we do this demo today. [34.4]

[00:02:04] So Microsoft Teams is something that’s web based just like Slack. It’s got a desktop client and a phone client that you can install just like Slack. Teams is really for internal teams. It’s really for people that you work with and Slack you can invite anybody like all of you of course we all work at different companies all have different email addresses different domains. We’re all just Slack and it doesn’t really matter. [29.8]

[00:02:34] But the way we can use teams is going to be for having internal conversations and having the ability to have threaded discussions in real time. So think about maybe group chats that you might have had before in Skype but also think about sort of the ability in the ability to just go back and search. Then have those conversations in those threads just still available to be able to go see what happened in the conversation or just jump into a conversation. So having one on one chats with people doesn’t necessarily have that capability but with teams we can not only have one on one conversations with people just like instead of using Skype for business but we can have teams of people with channels which are like topics and we can also have tabs in here which let us have conversations around different things like entire document libraries or a document itself or just have your OneNote in here and have your planner. So when I created a team I’m going to go through some of these steps in our demo. It actually also created a SharePoint site. [1:15.5]

[00:03:50] So as we go through this it’s going to be very SharePoint centric and we’re going to talk about what you know how we new ways that we can collaborate in teams and sort of at the last minute just a few hours ago I put out a call to get some of you involved in this demo so I added a few of you the people in the chat window here my fans that you know come to Power Hour all the time etc.. I’m giving you all test accounts in my office 365 Tenet and my demo tenant. And so you guys just for the past couple of hours or so have been logging in and clicking around and trying things and so we’re having all these live conversations. And so you guys my Power Hour community are part of this demo today. Now all the all the users that I created ahead of time in my Office 365 demo Tenet are all just these fake names so the usernames in here aren’t going to be the same and aren’t going to be the people’s actual names. They’re just fake people. So we’re all using these fake people. Yeah. So I did it kind of last minute I put a little chat in Slack and I put it in my blog post that I posted it like 3:30 a.m. because I was really late sending all this stuff up. [1:19.8]

[00:05:11] So some of you might not have gotten in yet I can’t add you now because I’m already going to start the demo but feel free to chat in the chat window in Slack while we do this and kind of see you know see how this goes. All right. So first of all you all anybody can just go to teams that Microsoft dot com. What you need to do though for it to be able to function to be able to get in is you need to actually have it turned on in your Office 365 tenants. So this is an Office 365 thing. [35.1]

[00:05:47] So I’ll go ahead and go over to the admin centre here and make sure I am authenticated etc. so I’ll go ahead and go to my pull up my admin centre and Office 365 and share my screen with you. All right there we go. And my head is sticking out above the little box the bottom right of the screen. [22.2]

[00:06:09] So there we go. All right. [2.4]

[00:06:12] So you guys can see my screen hopefully. And again the whole purpose of this chat that we’re having in Slack is to have this be like a live discussion and ask questions as we go. And of course in this case it’s even more interactive than it usually is because we’re actually trying the product out together as we go. This is going to be really fun. All right. So to turn on Teams you go to Office 365 go to settings and go to services and Add-Ins. And again this is all written in my blog post. And then you’re going to go to there. There’s a whole bunch of stuff in here too by the way if you haven’t looked in here while. Microsoft Teams and you turn it on. Now when this first came out a few weeks ago it was just basically you turned it on and there wasn’t much to it. But there’s a whole bunch in here now. As far as admin settings that you can see in here. So we’ve got a general tab weather show organisation chart. [59.5]

[00:07:13] Teams and channels so this actually has a separate place that’s trying to take you if you want to go manage the ability to create teams, because when you actually create a team and it creates an Office 365 group / SharePoint team site which is all the same thing. And we’ll talk about sort of how that all goes together as we go. Calls and meetings: we can allow videos so we can have video in meetings inside of teams. This is a lot of fun. You can do screen sharing so you can start using this in your organisation instead of Skype for business. We have met we have a content rating of moderate so you can actually turn off say allow all content do strict. Don’t try type in dirty words in there please see what happens. Customisable images from the Internet so something like gift type stuff and doing memes and things. It’s kind of fun editable images to the conversations. So this is basically you can turn off the fine if you want to if you are an admin and able extension tap. So this means that developers can actually develop custom tabs to have in teams here and will kind of show you what that looks like. And we have bots so we can have a built in bot that you’re going to get when you first log in and side loading of external bots. I wasn’t sure that it in one trip that sounds dangerous or not so it didn’t turn that on. Not sure what kind of external bots we could have in there. [1:31.9]

[00:08:46] OK so you guys with me so far what do you think. Feel free to chat in the chat window and when I go over to I can already see that I have some notifications over in teams that you guys are in there filling out. [11.0]

[00:08:57] So for the gut for those of you who are in there and I’ve already told a couple of you this go go in just click around try stuff have conversations go into teams go into chat go create tabs and create like whatever just kind of play around in there. [14.4]

[00:09:15] Oh Tony says I’ve enabled Teams a couple of weeks ago but don’t see it as a title in Office 365. Let’s see do I see it as a title. [7.4]

[00:09:28] I don’t see it as a tile either but you can still just go to teams dot Microsoft dot com. I’m not sure why it’s not showing as a tile. You could always add a tile. I guess if you want to like add your own custom one but it’s not because you’re need to use so I guess there is no tile or I’m not sure why. [21.4]

[00:09:51] OK so that’s how you turn on teams and Office 365 settings and then it’s going to be kind of tied in with your Office 365 group settings. Carlos I believe this is. I have an EE one tenet my own personal business and it is the one and I have teams in there so I don’t think it’s E-3 and above. I’m not sure kind of where the cutoff is down the lower tier though. Office 365 groups is sort of tied in with teams but I’m noticing that that is something that’s fairly new that’s just come out in the past couple of weeks as the ability to add external people to Office 365 groups so this is kind of a big deal. So I still think that you can’t add external people to teams and that’s kind of what they’re touting it as just for internal use. But you can add external people to the groups now. [55.0]

[00:10:46] But yeah so. [1.0]

[00:10:49] So Stewart would have had to give me a message letting me know you wanted to join and or are a direct message and or filled out a form that I put up earlier. Don’t worry about it. OK so now that’s how you three go to Office 365 so I went to teams dot Microsoft dot com and I created a team so I’ll go ahead and show you what it looks like in the browser. Sorry stupid it was kind of a late last minute thing where I just posted it on my blog and I just posted a message in Slack asking if anybody wanted to join it. [39.5]

[00:11:29] So. [0.3]

[00:11:30] All right. OK so I got a team at Microsoft dot com and it takes me to my files tab and this is that this is what basically we’re going to show you we’re going to demo it in the client though. [11.8]

[00:11:43] So we’ve got it in the file we’ve got showing the files to have we’re going to go through all these tabs we go through the client but I just wanted to show you what it looks like. You can go to when you go here. It lets you it’s going to let you download the desktop app from here and there’s also a phone app Don’t forget. OK. So when you create the first team. So when you’re just on the main screen here and you are sort of looking at a big empty screen it’s in I’ll show you where it is in the client. It has a button to create a new team. Not everybody is going to see that button I don’t think. [33.2]

[00:12:17] But all right I’m going to go so I created a team and I created a team called SharePoint power hour so it actually created a team site slash office 365 group and look at this. This is the first time just in the past couple of weeks it have created a new office 365 group or team site and look at this. Now the default home page. [26.4]

[00:12:43] Just a side note here is the new modern look. So this is what we’ve demoed in like a couple of power hours ago. [6.0]

[00:12:50] This new modern look of being able to have this whole brand new set of parts that that exists so just kind of a side note that that’s the home page now so that’s the home page experience that’s really interesting. So it created a team site. [17.9]

[00:13:08] And so this is important to note and this is something that I’ve already screwed up. So when it created the team site the first thing it had in here was a folder in the library called general. [9.9]

[00:13:19] And so the first thing I knew right. So I’m like I don’t want any folders in here. And I delete the folder. So it turns out that that fool folder is actually pertinent to what we’re doing over in teens. So the folders are actually going to represent stuff we’re doing over in teens that don’t delete the folders because it’s going to affect other stuff. So they created a folder called general. [20.1]

[00:13:39] I went ahead and manually created a separate document library called policies and I put a bunch of company policies in here and then that’s pretty much all I did in the sharepoint site. But it’s also this is where I’ve got all my members and I can go over to and it’s still a little clunky getting around between the sharepoint site and the Office 365 group and the teams but I’m just going to go ahead and go over to teams now so this is the desktop client. This is a lot of fun. Now my face is blocking the button down here at the bottom where you click Create team. So I’ll show you that. I mean minimize that. [42.7]

[00:14:28] There we go see a great team. [3.2]

[00:14:32] OK. So feedback. It would be interesting to see if you guys have this as well in my Tennent here do you guys have the ability to create a team. So I’m curious about that because you might not have giving you all rights to be able to do that from the Office 365 site since you do need to have the ability to create Office 365 groups. So I created a couple of teams and the reason I created a couple of teams is because I wanted to show you that this power our team is the one that I invited to all of you to all the test users but this other one is one that I only invited Corey to just like an internal team thing and it’s to show you that I as an end user can be a member of several different teams that different people have access to. Just like in Slack like when I go to Slack you can see down here that I’m a member of a whole bunch of different types of Slack teams I’ve got there’s Todd Klan’s netcast and I’ve got some other. There’s one I created for my family and whatever different stuff. So I’ve got different teams and within the different teams I’m sorry Microsoft that I’m likening this to Slack but they’re gotta admit there are a lot of similarities. [1:11.9]

[00:15:45] So in Slack We have channels in here so like this is our power our channel where this is the conversation we’re having right now. [9.9]

[00:15:55] And then we have some channels you guys don’t have access to and like I only have access to this one called random and there’s also a Anyway there’s a Channel 4 News Feed where my tweets automatically show up there you guys could follow that channel so similarly to Slack we have these are the teams in power hour and training. And then these are the channels and them. All right. So let’s go ahead and go through this sort of methodically and go screen to screen. [31.3]

[00:16:27] It looks like Kerry first just got a notification long ago saying the first one of our little fake users just added me to a neat new team she created. So apparently you guys do have the ability to create teams and look at that. So now y’all new teams are just popping up everywhere. This is awesome. [18.2]

[00:16:45] This is exactly 0 0. [2.2]

[00:16:48] So you guys are creating teams and it’s very it’s going to be very fun and interactive to like go through all of this activity with you as as we do this demo. All right. So a start at the top and I’m just going to click on myself here. Just my own face and I can see my own saved chats. All right. So this is the little bookmark tab so anywhere in here if I go bookmark something it’s going to show under safe. Now [25.8]

[00:17:15] how did this all under the same teams let me go to a different team and see if my bookmark something. [7.3]

[00:17:23] See it. [2.1]

[00:17:34] See I can bookmark mark my own stuff. So I went over to this other team that Kerry first created and I’ve bookmarked something. So [8.7]

[00:17:43] now when I go to just my own page now see this goes across all the different teams so I don’t have to go clicking around through the different teams. This is kind of nice to be able to see what’s going on and what you know I flagged or what my favorite things are. But I can go to state and see them all there. All right so see any question. Yeah Tony so yeah you definitely have to be in office 365 and that’s the first thing that I listed in my blog post is that you have to be in office 365 admin to be able to go into the tenant and enable it. All right. So and then you can go to my activity so this is going to be my own just things that I’ve been typing in here so just stuff that I’ve been doing. I want to see my own sort of thread here. Activity is going to be all my notifications so these are going to be like the notifications that you get and the pop up from the desktop client. But this is going to be the list of them so you can go back and and click on things. So like a minute ago and it popped up that she Adamy to a team I can see that this is an odd unread one. So I have few people that are doing that having this conversation over in this SharePoint power our team. And so since they mentioned me are they or they were replied to me. [1:25.5]

[00:19:09] Then it came up as a notification and then these are just going to be the most recent things that are going on in here. All right. And so somebody Kerry actually added upcoming projects to and that she added That is a tab in here. So before we get to all the different tabs and things we’ll just kind of keep going through this different these different things done the left now at any point I can search through all of this and I can also start a new something a new chat. [29.2]

[00:19:38] So this is where I go start typing a chat to somebody to see if they’re around let’s see if I can do a couple of people and I can do like a little silly things anyway. [25.9]

[00:20:06] All right so this is I started this as a chat just by using this little like a new. It looks like kind of like a new email new chat icon and it started a personal chat between me and these couple of people. [11.9]

[00:20:19] And then that’s where we would have that thread going. So under chat room and I see that. So this is going to be similar to Skype where you’re going to see like recent conversations that you’re in. I noticed that when you’re in these comp these individual conversations and these little group conversations you don’t have some of the rich interactivity that you like. You don’t have the ability to click like and like it reply and stuff to individual items in a thread like you would if it was a different conversation. All right. So we could see somebody typing. [34.4]

[00:20:54] So Robin is typing. All right. Groovy. [5.2]

[00:21:02] And then you can. So these are where you have your personal chats so these are all individual chats that I’ve been having with people as we test Momo having a chat saying OK go ahead and try stuff. [15.7]

[00:21:18] It’s a cheesy graphic anyway so these are all my personal and little group chats which is different than teams. So the purpose of having teams in here is it’s it is seems pretty unique to me this is not something that Slack has. It’s not only the ability to have like a group chat and like threaded conversations like we’re having in Sky and in Slack but you can have all these tabs where you can have all this content that you’re collaborating on so you’re not just chatting you’re actually you can do all of your work in your collaboration in here inside of your teams. [41.4]

[00:22:01] So these are all the teams I’ve been invited to. I can and now if I went to a team and it had little channels additional channels that I wasn’t following can see can one of you who added these go add some more channels so I can get to that in a second too. To what that’s going to look like to me is like one of just the members of the team. All right. So as artists just go into my SharePoint power our channel and there’s so many places you can click in here guys. Oh my goodness. Let me. [31.8]

[00:22:33] So there’s so many different little things everywhere that you can click on. You can click. Everything has little ellipses is a Lipsius next to it and everything has the ability to add things. You have lips Lipsius next to it in all these different places and you have ellipses on top of different chat’s that you’re having and et cetera. So when I go to look at the information about the whole team this is where I can choose View teen and I can see the whole the group of people I can add people to the team I can look for specific members I can go read about Billy-Bob here and directly send them a message like that it just takes me straight to a message with Billy Bob. [49.9]

[00:23:23] Now I’ve got to go back. Let’s see if I click the back button. Cool. So it’s going to remember how I got to where I was going to set the back button. And then I can also look at where he is in the organization. So all of you other fake users in there. I didn’t put that into the whole org chart. This is a user that I had created like a while back that I had put as a member of my team. But. So you guys are not necessarily going to have that for your fake users but this is where I can see more information about this person. I can flag Billy-Bob as a favorites and that way. No kind of like an in Word and Excel that concept of pinning the files that you use the most often to the top. So when I flag somebody is a favorite I can pin him to the top. And so crazy using Skype for business and that’s awkward. OK. Maybe it was a different COOREY user. All right. And I can flag this whole conversation as being a favorite so it would stay to the top so only when we just moved it to the top. So go back to my list of my team members who crashed teams. That is awesome. You guys did that I think it came back up pretty fast though. All right. So let me go back to my teams and sure point Power Hour and I was doing view team. All right. [1:33.5]

[00:24:57] So these are all my memories and I can read more about them and then just going to the list of channels which I can already see them here but I might have channels that I’m not following. So if I unfollow a channel it takes it out of my navigation here. So like upcoming episodes see noticed that I’m not following that channel now but it’s still when I go look at the list of channels there it is. I can go one more channel and then I can go favorite again and that would put it back in my navigation. So I encourage you guys to try that out. [32.6]

[00:25:31] And then I have some settings. This is where I uploaded the team picture. It took me a little bit to find this way. And so I had to sort of upload the team picture and look at all the settings so here’s here’s where you can do all the permissions. So at the top level it Office 365. In that one team setting that has some very high level settings. But these are all the pretty granular settings around this whole team itself. So you can pretty much you know I don’t want them to be able to do. Yeah I’ll try out and see how it works that that’ll be fun. And then I can have a content rating for Griffy and stickers and games and all that fun stuff. [37.3]

[00:26:08] So we use Griffy and Slack as well. Slash the teams. [6.6]

[00:26:16] It shows me about your baseball teams. All right. So I can see that. [4.3]

[00:26:23] Let’s see. And then developers this is a this is looks like it’s a new functionality because it says preview next to it. So if I’m a developer I can actually develop my own custom tabs That’s pretty cool. I’m not a developer I don’t know anything about that but that’s what you can do. All right so when I click this little ellipses I can also add another channel I can add members to this team as a whole I can leave the team at the team. [25.8]

[00:26:49] The team is not the same thing as clicking to view the team at it. [3.0]

[00:26:52] I would think that the team would take the place of the picture but this is just the title and description. And then I can delete the whole team. All right so let’s go dig in too. That’s funny. That’s that’s a apparently. I don’t know what it’s a gif of it doesn’t say. All right. So here’s my power hour. I wonder how I’d move that to the top. [26.6]

[00:27:19] That’s interesting so I can leave the team. [5.0]

[00:27:26] You can lead the team. The New Year’s party planning team if I want to I don’t want to leave it I just like oh there we go. Look at that. I moved it to the top. Cool. All right. So now this gets me back to what I was talking about with these folders in the sharepoint site these these channels that I creates are tied to the folder so when I create a new channel it actually creates a new folder in that default document library in my team site. So that’s important to me though. So what happened was I deleted the folder in in SharePoint in that library but so went out. But what happened was when I went to conversations and tried to go to files and tried to upload a file it just didn’t do anything. It just was a blank screen. So I had to kind of troubleshoot that and figure out what I had done wrong what I had broken but. So this general tab is going to be tied to that tab. [58.7]

[00:28:25] So watch this I’ll create a new channel. [1.6]

[00:28:43] Right. This is about our upcoming outing. What do you guys think you guys fall on this stuff. So far you think it seems like it might be useful get those millennials in here and live real time collaboration. You know you use instant message programs all day right. And probably a lot of you if you’re on Office 365 you use Skype for business. I know we do. Now I know it’s going to be interesting and challenging because we can’t have conversations with customers in here because a lot of my conversations in Skype and Skype for business are with people that I’m working with like they could maybe they don’t they’re not in my organization their customer but. So this is really just going to be it for internal stuff. [36.8]

[00:29:20] So I started a new one called team outing just not very creative. [7.3]

[00:29:31] I can maximize that and make it bold and fun stuff like that and highlight it whenever I said that. That’s very ugly. Awesome. [11.3]

[00:29:44] All right. So there’s my knee. Now watch this. So I created a new channel so let’s go back over to Office 365 and go to this. That’s teams don’t want that. I want my SharePoint site. So now go to documents and look at that team outing. So this is important that you kind of leave this alone when you’re using teams because this is the team’s stuff that that’s where it’s putting it. [26.3]

[00:30:12] All right. So how does that work. Anybody join my team outing. Let’s see what is the notification there. Oh yes there we go. Thanks guys. [18.2]

[00:30:33] All right. Now I’m just going to go back to General and and talk about these tabs and talk about what we can do in here so general is just and you always get a general channel. You can’t delete the general channel just every team you create is going to have one. So that’s going to be just where you can have just an overall conversation for the team just generic not just like the general channel that we have in Slack. That’s the default that you get right. Yeah. MARTIN mentioned Yammer. OK so this is the way Microsoft explained it. The difference between when when and why you use Yammer in teams and I think this was a really great way that they explain it so you would use yammer for having like broad company wide announcements and conversation threads that apply sort of across the board to larger teams and maybe having like the CEO making announcements there and having sort of large scale sort of topics that people can have conversations about. Microsoft described it much better I’m trying to sort of reiterate the way they describe it to me. And then teams is different because teams is going to be these are the people that I work with on a daily basis. These are the people maybe I’m working on a project with these people we’re going to have a team about all about our project. We’re going to have these are sort of like smaller more intimate teams so you can have a team maybe for a small department or a team working on a project or some sort of committee. [1:39.2]

[00:32:12] And so that’s what you want to think of it as these are like the more intimate people that you’re working with and and things that you’re working on on a daily basis as opposed to yammer which you can think of as more company wide announcements and and threaded topics. [21.1]

[00:32:35] I would see teams as being maybe more a little more fast paced because you’re having conversations you know Skype Skype type of conversations. All right so think about like group conversations you would have had and Skype and doing it in here instead. Sandy says I’m not sure I feel how I feel about the folders in the document library can only the team creators see them. [20.0]

[00:32:57] Probably not. Probably everybody can see them. So the guys those of you who are in here with me demo demoing this try to go to my SharePoint power our site and go to the document library and I’m pretty sure you could probably see the folders in there because if you Quinten see the folders and you wouldn’t be able to see them in teams. It’s all tied together. So it’s good though that it’s tied together and I’ll show you why. So when I go to files here I knowing that when I go to files here so I’m in conversations in general conversations. I can go to files and this is going to be the files that are in the general folder so I can quickly create a new file directly in here so I can say quickly what kind of corner create a folder yock I want to create a presentation. This is Timoteo. So that’s a presentation I’m creating on the fly. And unfortunately when I do that it brings me over to a browser window which I actually have edge open that I’m doing all this demo stuff in and it’s trying to open AIEEE which is my default browser so I’m not going to even bother going in there and opening that up and there. But you can see that it just opened. It just added and it just plopped it right in here to my document library. So what happens if I click on it. So now you open it in Microsoft Karplus. That’s [1:36.7]

[00:34:34] impressive because it’s a brand new file and it has nothing in it and it won’t. I don’t want to open PowerPoint. OK that’s fine. I’m not surprised. OK. Go [14.3]

[00:34:48] back to files and let’s go to this. I know I created this when I know this has words in it but look how cool this is. Now all the stuff that I can do over in modern libraries at least some of the more commonly used things I can do right here in the team. So I’m working in my library in the team and not having to go to all these multiple places. I think that’s huge. I think in users like not having to go to multiple places and not having to remember where their site is or remember they you are allare have to go check on something. So I think this is good that these are all right here. So I could go select a specific file here here’s some things I can do with a file so I can open it up. And now I’m looking at this file online. I can start a conversation about this file and that I think that’s going to start me a tab start me and him. All right this and you guys filled a job. [57.5]

[00:35:46] Feel free to join in on this one. [1.7]

[00:35:54] All right. And then I’m going to Lowe’s that so say this is cool we can be looking at this file together and chat about it. [8.2]

[00:36:03] I don’t know about you guys but this is something that my customers have been asking for for years. So when SharePoint first came out there was this concept of a document workspace it could take a document that was in a library and clicked to create a document workspace and it would create a whole subsite around that document and you can have your discussion board and things like that. It was supposed to be around that one document but that was all always very clunky but people want to have conversations about a document right. [29.0]

[00:36:33] Can I get a thumbs up or something on that when people want to have conversations about a document. So this is awesome. Not only can we have a conversation about a document we can have a conversation about the whole library. So I’ll go ahead and click close here. I love this and I’ll show you kind of some other stuff added here. So these are again these are just the default files that are in the general tab. So again I’ll click on a file and see what else I can do with it. I have an ellipsis I can quickly go edit and word I don’t want open in SharePoint. So this is what’s going to take me back to SharePoint. I kind of struggled in here a little bit trying to figure out how just to get back to the sharepoint site from anywhere in here. I kind of had to dig to find it but this would open this file and SharePoint if I click that I can move the file. So where can I move it to I can go navigate up. Oh this is cool so I can just take this file and move it over to like team outing if I want to and just click Continue. So now it will probably refresh I guess but I took a test file and teams and I moved it over to my team outing tablet’s see. So that’s just like some and get that a minute. So that’s just like going to SharePoint. We refreshed this and here’s how you would do it in SharePoint. [1:21.8]

[00:37:55] You would go to a file and you would go to move the file moved to. And so it’s kind of the same concept where you can pick where you want the file to go. So this is good. This is stuff in users need to be able to do. And this is giving them lots of different ways to be able to do something very efficiently and moving files from folder to folder or library library was used to be such a pain. OK so that’s what that would look like let’s see if it actually moved it. Maybe I’ll refresh that. You can also see and manage the folders in the site. Yeah. OK. [40.2]

[00:38:36] Yes so that’s good to know that you can do that. I would expect that you would be able to do that though because we want users to be able to go multiple places and be able to get to those files no matter where they are and you don’t have to be married to just using teens you can be using SharePoint and be able to accomplish your job. So people just want to be able to do their job right. They just want to be able to work on their files. [23.2]

[00:39:02] Let’s see Stewart says. [1.5]

[00:39:03] But if we let’s make sure I’m not missing anything. [5.1]

[00:39:09] What happens if you delete the general folder and create a different folder. I deleted this in a general folder and then I just recreated a new folder and called it general and networked and they tied it back together. That answers your question. What happens if you create a folder in the team site. Does it create a channel. [16.3]

[00:39:26] So let’s try that. That’s a great question. You know back over here and then back to documents new folder I would think that it would. [7.9]

[00:39:34] I would hope Mike is cold hopefully. [9.9]

[00:39:45] So let’s see if hopefully gets carried over. Now it was that file that I moved over. I think it was test file and teams and I thought I moved it to team outing. It didn’t move. Interesting. OK well maybe that’s still a little buggy. Again it’s a brand new product so I’m not too upset about that. OK. Go back to files and so you can move it copy it. I can add new. I could just start a new one from scratch and I can upload one directly to here and then I can do all these other things like rename it download it get a link. I love being able to get a link to this and I can just look just copy the link and be able to send in any e-mail or put it in a chat or just something to build it. That’s huge. I mean people that that’s a really basic thing that seems to have gone away for a while and it’s back now. [53.5]

[00:40:39] So you see we don’t have a regular sharepoint site for our team. [5.3]

[00:40:44] Doesn’t this now create a second team site can we direct to the original team site when teams first came out. When you first started to create a team it had an option to tie it in with an existing Office 365 group but I don’t see that option any work any more. I think that was kind of a buggy thing. [20.8]

[00:41:05] So I think Microsoft knows that that needs to exist but I don’t think it exists right now because when you click to create a team at Yeah it just creates that like a new modern office 365 group. [16.3]

[00:41:22] Now I’d be curious if I went to an existing Office 365 group if I could just open it up in here. Now I might be able to do that. Let’s go. So it’s only Let’s try and remember what we were testing here so we went back to go back to run the General tab we were adding a that added a folder in the library to see if he would pop up and hear something like click away from there and try to go back in. So adding a folder in here doesn’t appear to have added a team I added a folder in the library so you know maybe the next time I close teams and go back in it’ll appear but I’m not sure it didn’t do it in real time at least. OK so now I’ve got the files but I can also have created tab about a file. So this is the team’s file that Kerry first created and I love the way you can go like Contac people I can immediately just start a video chat with her et cetera. Make this a tab. So if I use this one file a lot and we need to have like a really pertinent conversation that’s relevant right now. And we want to take up some real estate up here. We can go ahead and just make this a tab in that way. So here’s if I wanted to edit the file and do more things in the file. But here’s where I can have that conversation. [1:31.0]

[00:42:53] So this is this document Ariel says in my instance it doesn’t seem to create a modern team so it takes me to the Outlook groups view when I create a team. [20.2]

[00:43:15] That’s a great point. So there’s going to be a setting in Office 365 admen and SharePoint admin and this is something that actually change right before I started testing this yesterday and apparently that it made a difference. So if I go to my SharePoint settings I can you’ll see a couple of options in here that are fairly new. Ok look at this. When users select the Create site command create. So I click to create I change it to a site with an office 365 group and that way every new site that gets created I’m sort of forcing it to create a site with an office 365 group. But you might want to check that setting and see if that makes a difference. And that way all of your new sites are going to be you know that new modern look that also could have to do with what level your tenant is at have you know has the modern stuff been rolled out to your town as well. Not sure about that. And Kerry says I think we need to invite more people and I can say so I can at mentioned somebody. Corey what do you think about this. [1:19.4]

[00:44:35] Well all right. [8.4]

[00:44:44] So there’s our conversation about a document and we actually added it as a tap so let’s get to this tabs. Come come concept. We we went to files and we got notes. So this is a one note and we’ve got all these cool. Now did one of you do this or was this already in here. I have a feeling one of you did watch these brief tutorials to get yourself started with teams. That’s very cool though it’s got all these videos to help you out. And they’re trying to be as helpful as possible to help you understand how to do every single thing you want to do and here right. OK. That’s our notes so that’s just a one note and you could also edit it in one note and just open it directly in there. I’ve got policies now here. How did I add policy so policies is that that’s the policy document library that I created. So what did I do. I clicked the plus button and I chose SharePoint. So when I clicked choose the plus button and choose SharePoint this is where I can actually go point to search you chose use a SharePoint link and I can pick a library you are all here. So let’s try it let’s see if I wonder if I can just pick any library and SharePoint that will be interesting to go back over here and I’ll go to you. [1:21.9]

[00:46:07] I wonder if I could do one that’s not in this power our group groups. [8.6]

[00:46:17] So we’ve got governance files so maybe we’ll go to that governance one and see if I can put a government of library that’s in the governance site in my as a tab. So what I’m testing right now is to see when I click to create a new tab and point it to a SharePoint library can I pick just any library which that would be nice I wouldn’t mind that. So I’ll do add an app. The people of course would have to have access to that library to be able to work on it. Right. Other than say governance policy. So I’m creating governance policies over in this other team. All right. [46.7]

[00:47:04] And I need to get to you or else to that I’m just going to right click into your ego governance policies just get that you are ill and go back over to teams and put that in there and see how that works. [14.7]

[00:47:21] OK. I think yeah pic a document library. [6.3]

[00:47:27] Oh so this actually points you. You really want you to point it to the whole site. It says put a library you are all but it then it takes me to the screen where it’s taking me like to the site level and then it wants me to pick a library. So the libraries look like folders here. So that’s a little awkward. But now I’ve got. Now I can name my tabs so I’ll just call this governance. I might want to start naming them with short names. So because it’s going to get pretty wide across here right. So now you guys we can put files in that governance library. [36.1]

[00:48:03] And so even though governance is in a completely different site we can have it as a tab here so we can put all the things that we’re working on across wherever they happen to be in SharePoint and sort of centralized in here just sort of on the fly. I like that that way you’re still it seems like it may be a little disjointed in a way you might be kind of getting lost but the awesome thing about this is that we don’t have all of these files flying around in e-mails and all these different places and having you know not being sure kind of who has what file on their desktop who has what file and in what e-mailbox and who has what version. So you’re still keeping your files and SharePoint and you’re not moving your files to teams you’re just pointing to them. So you still have that single version of the truth like that right. [49.2]

[00:48:53] That is very awesome. All right. So now once you start getting too many tabs you’re going to get this one more thing over here. All right. So I’ve got policies we’re having a conversation about all the policies as we’re having conversations. We can start adding fees and meetings and all kinds of silly stuff in here like that office drama it’s pretty funny. Devs are like these ones. And I posted that. OK. So that’s that’s our conversation about the whole library. Then we got two reports and this is what we call the tab. That’s really just this is where we’re working on this one file. So your tablet name doesn’t have to be the same name as the file that you’re having the conversation about. All right. And then we’ve got what can we do with our tabs we can rename them or remove them like later on maybe if we are not working on this file any more we don’t need to have it be so prominent we can just remove that tab. Not removing the documents just removing the tab. So some other things that we can do for tabs Excel so this will be just like we did with the word document where the Excel file itself is the tab. One note we kind of showed you what that looks like it’s got. It gives you a default one note one planner will go look at planner in a second power be-I. I tried using that. [1:28.4]

[00:50:22] I do have power VI on my Tennent but it wouldn’t let me do anything and power by being here I can I can kind of show I can show you kind of what that looks like. It’s got my workspace like my default power be-I workspace but when I try to pick like one of my power I reports it. It aired out yesterday. Oh cool how it’s working now. Awesome. OK. So now this is this is my office 365 adoption power be I-Report. [34.6]

[00:50:57] So how OK. [8.9]

[00:51:06] So this is my adoption report. I can I’ve got different tabs in here so this is just a power be-I report so let me kind of move this conversation and kind of let it take up the whole page. This is really awesome power Vi you guys if you haven’t tried it. We did a whole power hour about it before. There’s just so so so much to it. This is just again this is a fake tenant that I have. So it’s not really going to have much data in it for all this user adoption stuff but that’s you can look at this is how you look at reports power be-I. [41.3]

[00:51:48] We were talking about the modern sites and that last power our power be-I is going to be one of those new modern web parts. But here we go this is how we can look at power be-I directly and team. So there’s going to be a lot of things that you can do now directly in teams where you don’t have to go to SharePoint you’re still storing your stuff in there but you could just work in teams all day long and that’s kind of like that concept of everybody wants to work in Outlook all day long they just want to be in a central place in their comfort zone. [25.8]

[00:52:14] So this could be like your new comfort zone. Let’s see who see these sites in the site collection list and SharePoint Adnan. [8.8]

[00:52:25] I think that that is that would be more of like us. I don’t really have time to address that right now. I think that in the past you haven’t been able to see Office 365 groups as site collections but I don’t think that you can today but maybe that’s coming soon. All right. So we’ve got what else can we add here we can add planner will go look at the planner stuff team services that’s for programmers who collaborate on like code and stuff. And then of course PowerPoint Excel Word and all that. We can also. Any time we’re on a tab we can use this little chat button at the top right to show the tab conversation. We can refresh it and then we can like maximize. No this is a man that tries to pull it up in a browser and then any tab can click copy link up. So I would think I’d be able to right click on my link but you have to go to the tab go to the Ulip sees and copy the link and I’ve got about this tab if up if I want to read that. OK. Now for our mentor training Let’s see which one is the one that I need. Oh connecting stuff so we’ll do connectors and then we’ll talk about planar and I’ve got four minutes left. All right connectors it’s got all kinds of connectors added If you are ready. [1:28.5]

[00:53:54] So I added like if you guys go on Twitter right now and at Minch and hash tag Espey power hour talking about what an awesome time you’re having right now it’s going to show your tweets here. So because I connected this team to Twitter I also have to say this is where I did it right here. So it shows the tweet here and then I could have conversations about tweets. I also connected Trello I connected being news and I connected on my RSS feed. So see this is my blog post that I wrote yesterday. And so now all the blog posts that I write are going to immediately come into this into here into this conversation. And then some of these other things like being news. OK so I created a being news connector that is all the news about Microsoft teams. So it’s all just going to pop in to here automatically. Let’s go to connectors for rent. Time always run out of time. All right Trello I added that Trello was like for tasks this time it’s kind of like planner so I’m not sure if you’d want to have both. Not sure I haven’t used both of them extensively. Twitter. I connected it to my Twitter account being news. So I’ve already added one. But what I could do was I added one called Microsoft teams I could add one called SharePoint and I could just say I could pick topics like it can suggest topics for me or I can add a top priority at a checkpoint. [1:35.3]

[00:55:30] OK say Office 365. [2.9]

[00:55:42] So whatever topic I add that’s going to let me just basically all news anything from being with that word is going to come is going to pour into here into my conversation thread. RSS you had an RSS feed you have all this stuff a lot of this is centered around people that are programmers. A lot of the things having to do with code and bugs and bug tracking and again there are like 100 different things in here so you guys go play with that. That’s why I created that channel called connecting stuff just so I could stick some connectors in there and just see what they looked like Yammer. Look at that. So this is how you can bring gamer in to your office 365 apps to your teams and that way you don’t have to go to yammer I guess you could have the gamer appear in here. [53.9]

[00:56:40] So you can use it to use a chat. I kind of left navigation to see all those sidebar conversations Pacific to those Word documents. [7.0]

[00:56:51] When I’m looking at this the conversation about a Word documents it’s oxy. [9.7]

[00:57:10] If so what. The way it works the way you get back to that screen that you’re asking about is when I see this icon that looks like either Big S for sure Pliner like a W for word and I click on that. That’s how I can get to that. [14.9]

[00:57:25] Having that conversation about it and over here. [2.6]

[00:57:32] But if I want to actually added as a tab permanently I can use the plus button like that. So like if I says tab conversation has begun and I can click on power be-I to take me to that tab but I can click on like the name of a document to take me to that but I’m like if I see in conversations here people putting information about like reports when I click on reports it takes me to the file or the tab. And then additionally just remember you have this little chat icon and that is where you can have that panel come up on the right. So that’s how you can open that up if you’re not seeing it cool. Yes. That Stuart I think that answers your question. Oh it’s time to go. OK. Planner planner’s one of the things that you can add to which one that I add to are ready. Oh yeah. Here we go. Upcoming episodes. Plans. So you guys feel free to play in here too. But this is Corey actually did a demo of planner a couple of power hours ago and probably a month or two ago. And this is the same thing. It’s just you’re using it in teams and you’re planning and doing like project management kind of stuff assigning task to people etc. so you guys can go watch all that previous power hour to see details but you can add planner as a tap here and you’re automatically going to have no you’re not not automatically going to have a planner thing. [1:28.7]

[00:59:03] All right. [0.3]

[00:59:04] OK. Well that that was pretty high level overview not really high. I mean we just kind of clicked through methodically click through all the different things. [11.8]

[00:59:17] One more thing that you can do is schedule meetings in here. This just is my office £360 this is just the meetings there in my personal outlook calendar are showing here and meetings I’ve accepted and then files is just going to be like these are all the ones that I’m working on in teams. This is my own personal one drive. So this is another place the users can go to get to their one drive to get to their own files. They don’t have to go to one drive. So just another way to do you know SharePoint they’re always like 800 ways to do the same thing. [32.0]

[00:59:49] So let me get back to there. All right. [3.8]

[00:59:54] Thanks so much guys. It actually worked. The technology did not break today it didn’t have to rage quit. Thanks. That was a really really fun interactive demo. Thanks so much for participating. I’ll just leave that turned on for the rest of the day or whatever and you guys. Feel free to play in there. And thanks guys for so much for being a fun little supportive community and for watching Power Hour. And I’ve got I’m going to be out at Espey tech Con in San Francisco next week. Maybe I’ll see some of you there. And then the week after that I’m teaching my workflows and forms online class all week and that’s my I love you mentor site. You guys can check that out if you’re interested in looking into joining that. You could also take that class as self-paced if you are available that week. But that’s where I’ll be for the next couple of weeks. And then the week after that we’re going to do another power apps one because it’s been like a year since we did a power apps power hour. All right. Over an hour. Thanks everybody. [1:01.7]


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