Moving from SOAP to REST – You’ll Have to Do It Sometime

Marc D Anderson

If you’ve been developing client-side applications or functionality using SPServices and the SOAP Web Services, sooner or later you’ll want to move to REST instead. This class takes the patterns shown in the instructor’s article series on ITUnity and his blog and makes it real with real-world examples. There are some things you can do now to prepare for this eventuality, whether it’s part of an upgrade to SharePoint 2013 or simply because you’ve got “legacy” code that uses SOAP instead of REST. We’ll go through the decision points, specific code examples, and better practices.
You will learn :

  1. Differences between SOAP and REST protocols
  2. How to translate your most common SOAP calls to REST
  3. Strategies for making the move less painful
  4. Useful abstractions to lighten the load

Features Covered:
Client side scripting is a key skill for Office365 or any other version of SharePoint or Web development in general. By learning REST skills, you’ll be prepared to build applications for Office365 and elsewhere.

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Global Conference 2015 and was presented by Marc Anderson .

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