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NikTip Series: Swapping Classic SharePoint Home Page for a New Modern Home Page

Nikkia T. Carter

Since I was really late on my last vlog, I am releasing this one early! Introducing NikTips! In my new NikTip series, I will address best practices, tips from my experience, and how-tos based on questions I have received from people in the community and from my clients. Got a idea for a NikTip? AWESOME! Send it to me at [email protected]!

This month’s NikTip is on swapping out your classic SharePoint home page for a new modern SharePoint home page. In this short video blog, I explain the steps I use when I swap out classic home pages for modern home pages. The steps I use flow for me and I think you will find them helpful as well! I also talk a little about the modern page webparts. I am working in commercial SharePoint Online in this video but this will work in GCC, GCC High, and SharePoint 2016+ environments.

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