NikTips Series: The Modern Site Gotcha

Nikkia T. Carter

This month’s NikTip is about a gotcha that I experienced while working with SharePoint modern sites. If you just started working with modern site or are thinking of starting to use modern sites in the place of the classic Team Site, you may not have run into a gotcha that hurts quite a bit when you run into it. I tried to use the modern sites to do certain things and ran into this brick wall that I will share with you. In this video I talk about modern site collections vs classic team site collections, the gotcha that happens when you try to use modern SharePoint site collections, and my suggested workarounds.

In this video I make reference to 2 links which are as follows:

  • Vote on Microsoft’s UserVoice: Provide option to convert existing site to communication site –
  • Previous┬áNikTip: Swapping Classic SharePoint Home Page for a New Modern Home Page –
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